Grodno entrepreneurs about the performance of Semyon Shapiro

Society of detainees at the checkpoint "Bruzgi" on the Belarusian-Polish border was tried today in the premises of October police department of Hrodna. Were given fines of 70-75 base units. When there is only one police station in the city detention center, where he is detained. At the Executive Committee meeting at the head of Semen Shapiro condemned their actions, saying that the detainees were fourteen people.

At the meeting of the executive committee chairman Semyon Shapiro explained to the assembled businessmen need to limit the export of gasoline in that its production in the country allegedly unprofitable. He warned, "I will in the beginning of the conversation said, that today Information comes to me that at some border crossing will also show defiance. I clearly said that if will be closed to traffic, I said — for anyone not hiding, no consultations and negotiations, no challenge to the governor: Riot police immediately — and put things in order. "

And talking Grodno entrepreneurs who participated in a protest at the border crossing "Bruzgi" and come to a meeting in the executive committee?

— Just want to make people angry, pick up their livelihood.

— Yesterday said there that a bunch of people profiting from this matter, others grieve. I would like to say that a bunch of people that have them spinning — it makes profit. A these people — survive. And our overall business to the level of the animal lowered by one hundred dollars salary. It's a shame our government and the state!

— I would like to ask Shapiro: what they do, as the president of their bows in different directions — and there, and here, and they are silent, their heads down, and write in their notebooks? We live in Belarus, why we are taking in euros and dollars, not in rubles — the same insurance?

— People are in shock! Customs can not measure the amount of fuel in the tank, they are asked to write voluntarily giving up a trip abroad. They do not have the device — the measure.

— The Poles, who are fighting for their market, one day can take a full tank and ten liters. It is not clear: what is there to protect the market?


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