GRU and the FSB take on «arms» fighting mice

GRU and the FSB take on

Military Intelligence Defense Ministry and the FSB recently can be replenished by special units in which operational tasks will be entrusted to the mice. About this newspaper «Izvestia».

Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces planned tests specially prepared laboratory mice in the spring of the year today. Source in the General Staff said that the tests will be conducted for the benefit of all the intelligence agencies.

The implication is that the mouse will change detection dogs in explosives and ammunition, as people in sheltered areas and caches. GRU motivate field conditions, but the FSB — the city, said the source publication. Immediately being developed techniques for special forces on the use of mice.

Source publication cited the example of Israel. According to him, the security services and the army of this country extensively use mice, using their many terrorist attacks have been prevented.

Mice have several advantages over dogs, explained the «News» The scientific and technological center EVRAAS, this company is engaged in tests with mice.

According to a professional, in mice the least organized nervous system and they are less prone to mood swings, sensuous background. The dog may from carelessness or caprice to make a stand, not where it is necessary, and the behavior of the mouse more measured.

Mice can be trained to smell 150 for 1 month. For the detection of explosives it quite a few grams, a tool they define the smell of gunpowder and gun oil.

Long shifts mice will be 6-8 hours, and all of the cooked enough for one year of operation, according to an expert.

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