Hannibal Lector and Kirov Stream

If society events occur such as the explosion in Minsk subway, people are looking for reasons that are commensurate scale of the tragedy. In the consciousness does not hold that the killing of the innocent can not be socially significant, albeit absolutely ugly interpretive purposes. Hence, the alleged perpetrators — the power, the opposition, the international terrorist international, word, power, these objectives can set for themselves.

But such suvymernasts actually optional. John Ginkli shot President Reagan and really just in order to please a girl who rejected his arms. Theodore Kaczynski, who was nicknamed "Unabomber", sent out a bomb for years to universities, to "draw attention to the reduction of human freedom because of modern technology."

Finally, there are enough strong evidence that the murder of the Soviet party leader Sergei Kirov was no provocation Stalin, and banal revenge deceived husband's mistress wife.

Life is more complicated than interesting schemes which it explains. In an article on explosion July 3, 2008 I wrote: "But what to do with the global chaos that takes the form of an ordinary man, who for some reason is a pleasure just to feel that the fate of hundreds of people — under his finger on a tiny knopachtsy remote control? "

But it is quite another matter — as interpreted using these or other events, regardless of their reasons.

Kirov's murder was the beginning of a large-scale "witch hunt", "Kirov flow" of arrests and shootings, a dress rehearsal for 1937. And in fact it does not matter the real reason of his murder — has the meaning interpretation, which gave him the power of the then — conspiracy opposition, which went on to direct terror.

All these thoughts and historical analogies come to mind

There are doubts, the detainees — the real culprits.

Now, after the President's statement that the matter terrorist attack on April 11 disclosed. Well, if this is true, even better, if indeed the killer or killers on April 11 and involved the affairs of the explosion July 3, 2008, and the bombings in Vitebsk. Terrorist, mass murderer — the enemy of society as such, and that he should be punished suffered, everyone is interested, regardless of their political views.

There is however some doubt, and the detainees — the real culprits. In the case of explosions in Vitebsk allegedly also found guilty, and then it turned out that the wrong, and the recognition of them just knocked out. What is known about the police and what has become known today, unfortunately I do not exclude that in the case on April 11 there was something like that. Especially surprising is that the detainees have confessed so well in all the "visyaki." It is strange that in the organization of the currency crisis, they are not told about the connection with the terrorist attacks which have already explained everything sp.sp. Musienko and Davydko.

But it may indeed found. And the key point here — videasachenne, which is in the subway. Because of this artists such attacks quickly find and Moscow, and London.

And the words, Lukashenko said about the detainees — "these scoundrels there is a deviation, and they need to be seen," and evidence that spread agency, citing a source investigation, rather confirm the version Unabombera or as they say themselves are sources of Hannibal Lector — hero film "Silence of the Lambs", which simply bring pleasure suffering.

But in a speech Lukashenko clearly emerged contours precisely the mechanism of "Kirov flow" — to question the opposition: "Can these figures from the" fifth column "reveal cards and show who ordered". And why not cyclists, why not bankers, why not officials? Well, it is understandable why. Whatever's going on — all over the opposition's fault, at least suspicious.

It should be said that such automatism inherent in estimates and the other side — that is exactly the power and no one else, and that even the other options do not have to look for, many said the evening of April 11.

Puppeteers found. Or designate.

What is the power definitely to blame, it's the split of society, a climate of "cold civil war" when the political opposition to demonize each other. If the government does not step over the principles of civil peace for the sake of undivided power, few would suspect it's ability to cross the border, and another — the mass murder of innocent people for political purposes.

It is possible that even if it turns out that the perpetrators of terrorist acts — crazy loner, it will not stop the mechanism of "Kirov flow." Picture of the world stronger than facts. Authority will seek out those who stand behind the madman, who could take advantage of his madness. And it is clear who is will. This is not only a political settlement, and certain svetabachanne: whole world — politics, and everything from politics. Clearly demonstrated examples of this philosophy officials gentlemen Musienko Davydko and Guminsky in his comments about the attack, lumped together and attack, and 19 December, and a currency crisis. And certainly if you want to find some puppeteers, it certainly will be found. Or designate.

But on the other hand also do not have faith in the fact that did crazy loner. It is clear who is more and no one.

And you can ask the only crazy one who made the explosion on April 11?

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