Hazardous chemicals fell into the river near Riga

RIGA, July 3 — RIA Novosti, Vadim Radion. Warehouse on fire household near Riga led to the pollution of the river Marupe, takes over the dangerous substances in the Latvian capital, said on Sunday the State Environmental Service of Latvia.

On Sunday night in stock household a few kilometers from Riga was a fire. As a result of fire, which amounted to more than a thousand square meters, toxic chemicals with the water through storm sewers into the river were Marupe. The contamination of the river dying waterfowl and fish.

Now the fire is extinguished, experts are trying to stop further pollution of the river. Chemicals that carries over, already in the pond Riga Maras.

State Fire and Rescue Service does not rule out that the warehouse household could burn. In this incident the police launched an investigation.

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