Heat wave coming back from Africa to southern Europe

Came from Africa wave of hot air last week to raise the temperature in southern Europe to nearly 40-degree mark, this week's African air will continue to "warm up" Europe soobschaetGidromettsentr Russia.

"A huge wave of hot African air grew up to great heights, and rose to the north and north-east, covering a southern European country and ensuring there is more hot weather than normal. Salvation could be found on the sea coasts, where the temperature background, thanks to the proximity water was still more gentle, "- said the weather service.

In the south of France the temperature rose to 30-35 degrees, in Spain and Italy — to 32-37 degrees in the Balkans air is heated to 32-37 degrees. Hot weather and wind helped spread the fire in the Greek capital.

"Ensuing week in southern Europe will also be hot. Spreads to the region a new wave of heat from Africa", — the report says.

Heat reached and southern Russia and Ukraine. So, on June 14 in Donetsk, the maximum temperature was 34.5 degrees, nearly 10 degrees above normal, and only 0.4 degrees below the record set in 2010. In Volgograd, June 15 has been updated record maximum temperature of June — Friday afternoon the air is warmed to 40.1 degrees, while the previous record month, established June 30, 1991, was 39.2 degrees.

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