Held in Minsk V Congress of the BPF Youth

Youth Commission BPF "BPF Youth" on the V Congress, which was held on April 9 in Minsk, has decided to abolish the post of chairman of the organization and coordination to delegate powers to the Board, which will meet every month.

In the event attended 26 delegates from the capital and the regions. Initially, the number of participants was be 39, but some of the delegates to the congress did not come. In addition to representatives of local communities, "BPF Youth" at the meeting was the management of the BPF, as well as guests from the Ukrainian "National Alliance".

"Many of us joined at the age of 27-28 years, and years they do not have time to mature enough to start making party career. Also, many people want some kind of drive and comes in a youth organization — we can not take the person and send it to the party, "- said the former vice-chairman"BPF Youth" and now one of the representatives of the Board of the Commission Anton Kalinowski. But delegates rejected the amendment was to increase the age limit of the youth committee members BPF to 33-35 years.

Delegates were almost unanimously adopted a resolution "On Solidarity with Political Prisoners," which expressed "willingness to do everything possible to free the political prisoners who were detained by the police and the Belarusian KGB and prosecuted on trumped-up charges of rioting on December 19." Text of the resolution, "BPF Youth" confirmed that the organization is prepared to "provide concrete assistance to victims of the regime and their families" and "to promote the prosecution of all of the authorities conducting the repressive policies of the regime."

Members of the Congress also passed a resolution "hands off" Liberty Island "in the center of Minsk", which requires "immediate abolition of political matyvavannya decision to terminate tenancy", where the council BPF. The resolution states that members of the youth commission BPF ready to start a "perpetual campaign of nonviolent resistance" if tenancy is not renewed.

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