Held senior management positions — and the salary underwear can not afford to buy

Two weeks ago, the authorities have promised to lower the prices of basic foodstuffs. Order of the government of the country by July 1, a number of such goods reduced trade margins. Within 90 days, the price is to be regulated. However vniversamav sellers and buyers say that the declared price reduction almost did not notice.

Showcases grocery stores these days are filled with seasonal produce — fruits and vegetables, both Belarusian and foreign production. In the windows of numerous ads: "Reduced trade margins." How much — I am interested in head of one of Minsk stores Galina Ivanovna

"We went out to cut prices. When we receive the goods, if before we have established trade allowance of 30%, now — only 20%. For example, items such as lemons — we know that everyone wants them purchase, so we have also reduced premium. Additional salt and vinegar, we do it is not expensive. "

Reporter: "For you, as a business, this means that — losses?"

"Of course. We also fear for their salaries. When, God forbid, we'll work at a loss, I can not give bonuses to its employees. But you do not lose your customers, then for socially important goods we do not" wind up "prices. K example, milk we "wind" 11% surcharge on the meat — 12%, but we still work well. I think all of us will go to the same customers, and it is possible that the more we buy. And on the back of this product Again, we will win themselves this income. "

By order of the government of the country will remain temporarily regulated prices for 13 types of products, including sausages, fish, vegetables and groceries. Does it feel consumers interested in visitors to the store:

Reporter: "In different parts of the store says that reduced trade margins on products. Or you noticed a decline in prices? ".

Man: "Not much. Absolutely. Difference is insignificant. When the goods within forty thousand, about five thousand of strength."

Correspondent "Or is it really help people fix the budget? '.

Man: "As long as — yes, I believe that, yes."

Woman: "What about price cuts — I have not felt since only anticipating to buy bread and milk. Therefore I do not know."

Reporter: "Just for these products and reduced prices. Did you notice that? ".

Woman: "Well, then, for these supposedly so. But, to much, I would not say that too — a little bit. I've looked — reduced prices for cucumbers and tomatoes as well — mainly on vegetables. But on meat — do not even know. Incidentally, the soda was seven thousand, and was already four — this is what I saw. And, supposedly, salt — I looked up, it seems to lower prices. Actually — fruits and vegetables, supposedly so ".

Reporter: "Have you noticed lower prices?".

Mr."No, I did not notice. Prices increased, while wages actually declined — the difference is a factor of four."

Reporter: "How do you feel on your budget? '.

Man: "Salary is only for food, and that within reason. Products are not of the highest quality, and high."

Reporter: "Did you notice the price reduction? '.

Woman: "Of course not. They were so greatly exaggerated that if my salary was, let's say, $ 800 in 2000, now dropped to $ 200. And I have a leadership position, then it's disgusting, just disgusting — linen can not afford to buy. "

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