Here and Now

We built a state Swedes, even before himself. Certainly Normans Rurik Godolyubovich creator states in Russia.
Gave us the ability to wash the Europeans, and gave absolutely and without compensation. So that they themselves have even forgotten what it is to hikes in Arabia. Were washed again in the Renaissance.
Religion we have presented the Greeks before that Russian was some wild faith, which prohibits drinking alcohol, to give money at interest to deceive people. Before the Greeks have not been writing. Writing has given us Byzantium in order to spread the Christian books in. Before that, Russian, when we went hiking on Constantinople, peace and trade agreements signed apparently crosses, and were verbally, recording on tape.

Europe has always been clever Russia. When Anne of Kiev married the King of France, was surprised that he is not competent. He's the king, he can do anything. Could not learn to read. Anna was the worst in the court of the king, she alone knew how to read, washed and brushed his teeth, that's Russian savage.
Russia before Peter was wild and barbaric. Peter has brought a lot of useful tobacco, wigs with lice, the German men's clothes with stockings and corsets, and the main fleet, which Russia did not exist, because Oleg on Byzantium in the hands of the float, and the rivers on rafts Russian apparently went

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