HIDDEN life and death Chapayeva

The mystery of life and death Chapayeva

Vasily Chapaev for the first three years of war, civilian clothes made so many that already in the twenties, was among the "saints" by Stalin himself.

He died in 1919, and in 1934, based on the diaries colleague Chapayeva — Dmitry Furmanova was filmed the famous movie. Immediately after its release in theaters NKVD arrested a man who claimed that he is Chapaev which not drowned and was saved. But the authorities were not happy hero resurrection from the dead …

Chapaev was the sixth child of a poor farming family. When he was born, the midwife said that the boy probably would not survive. But the grandmother came out stunted kid — she wrapped him in a warm "mitten" and constantly kept near the stove. The boy survived. In search of the best bit of the family moved to the village of Balakovo Nicholas province, where the opportunity to learn.

Vasya was given a ten-parish school, where he studied for two years — is acceptable learned to read and write in syllables. At one point, he was punished for the offense — Vasya planted in the cool winter lock-up in their underwear. Realizing an hour that okolevaet, the child kicked the window and jumped down from the height of the third floor, breaking for myself arms and legs. Thus ended the study Chapayeva.

At the age of 20 years with excessive took him into the army, where he served in the infantry. Already there CHapaev distinguished courage and dexterity. During the service received three crosses of St. George and a medal! When the revolution broke out, he did not hesitate to go to serve in the army reddish.

Chapaev never chased merit, glory and ranks — says historian Anatoly Fomin. — He wrote a petition asking where to send him to command even a company, division, though, if only he could apply its own military talent, knowledge, be useful …

Constant topic of discussion in these years is appearing feud between Dmitri Furmanov (commander comrade Chapayeva) and Vasily Ivanovich. Fourmanov sometimes writes denunciations Chapayeva, but later in his diary recognizes that trivial envy the famous division commander. In addition, the bone of contention in their friendship was Furmanova wife — Anna Nikitichna. Specifically, it was the prototype Anka-machine gunner, who was only in the movie.

Creating a 1934 movie about Chapaev was a matter of state importance. The country needs a hero, a revolutionary, whose reputation is not tarnished. This movie people watched 50 times to repeat the feat Chapayeva want all Russian boys. But in the movie was not all true. For example, no Anki-machine gunner in Chapayev Division in fact was not.

The mystery of life and death Chapayeva

She came up with the film writers who initially wanted to make a heroic lady doctor, but later read in the newspaper about the case when the aide had to shoot a machine gun instead of a wounded gunner, and realized that this is a godsend. This incident happened to Maria Popova, who after the film was interviewed, proudly claiming that she is Anya. But the spouse Furmanova, which advises the film, insisted that the famous heroine gave her name.

But Petya, unlike Anka actually existed. It was Peter S. Isaev, who entered the Chapaevsky squad in 1918 and was a true support character right up to the moment of his death. How he died Isaev, It is not clear. According to one version — along with Chapaev, on the other — shot himself after the death of the commander. And how he died Chapaev, hitherto historians argue. In the movie we litsezreem that he was wounded, trying to cross during the battle through the Urals, is shot and he is buried. But relatives Chapayeva litsezrev movie, were outraged.

— As reported Chapayeva daughter Claudia, when Vasily wounded, Commissioner Buchanan ordered them out of the fence do raft and by fair or foul, to be able to forward to another Chapayeva Preserving the Urals — says the great-granddaughter Chapayeva — Eugene. — They have created a raft and to the saving value of Vasily Ivanovich all the same crossing. When rowing, he was alive, moaning … How swam to shore — he was gone. And that over his body is not mocked, they buried him in the sand. Buried and threw the reeds. Later themselves lost consciousness from loss of blood …

This information is very excited granddaughter division commander. She wanted to organize a search for the remains Chapaev, but it turned out that in the place where he died and was previously in store, now runs the Urals. So Makar, the official date of death Chapayeva is September 5, 1919. But the circumstances of the death until now argue.

For example, after the release of a film about the division commander was a man very similar to Chapayeva which claimed that he had escaped. He was arrested, interrogated, and later, according to one version, shot, on the other — were deported to camps. The fact that the government authorities in the reply came alive Chapaev We do not currently need. Indeed, if CHapaev lived before the time of reddish terror, most likely he would have been in favor. And because of it made perfect hero for Russian people.

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