History of contact with UFOs — Eaters time

Is the story of the Russian Army captain who observed the UFO Possiet (Far East) September 14, 1991.

A team of three officers at the weekend decided to rest "in nature." They were not fishermen or hunters, so says Captain AV, took Voentorg decent sized duck and made a fire near the military unit. It was about 14 pm local time, erecting a skewer duck officers suspended over the fire and had a few drinks at the other (cold) appetizer.

No sooner had they done so, in the western part of the sky appeared a UFO. The facility produced two beams that fell to the ground … However, the weight of such evidence, and there is no point to dwell. We mention that the event, according to the officers on the force lasted about ten minutes, after which the "saucer" flew as if dissolved in air.

Strange in this observation was different: turning to the fire, they found on him ready duck meat which has had time to cool down completely, completely burnt fire and forgotten vodka. A clock showed — 17.10!

This case progress of time can be explained by, for example, that people were taken to the "plate" and then returned to his seat. None of the officers could not remember. However, regression hypnosis, they have not been, because they refer to ufologists, much less to doctors and, of course, psychiatrists did not deem it necessary. Yes, and there is no nearby UFO. The case narrated by one of the authors personally.

Often the person in contact with a UFO found a few missing hours of life (in the case of the Hill — it's just two hours, and in Possiet — more than three!). Maybe Russian officers could now come forward and voluntarily agree to a similar hypnotic study to find out: Were they abducted and forcibly subjected to medical examination by a UFO?

And the third case, also become almost a classic. All the more so by the nature of its activities "heroes" it is very suitable to our present time. November 26, 1979 early in the morning, two Frenchmen — ZhanPer Prevost and Solomon N'Daw (both on 25) — According to the gendarmerie of Cergy-Pontoise on the strange disappearance of a young friend of Frank Fontaine (18). According to the young people of the old "Ford" Frank, they saw a silver cloud and flashed it colored balls, like tennis.

Cloud enveloped the cab and hood of the car, and through him it was impossible to consider. Friends saw the cloud suddenly gathered in a light pipe, and the pipe went into the sky … Fontaine driving the car was not there. Running up to the car, the boys saw only that the ignition is on, the lights are lit and the shift lever is in third gear. Although motor "Ford" did not work! "Our friend is kidnapped!" — Said Prevost and N'Daw.

Gendarmerie took decisive action … about bringing friends as defendants for the introduction of the authorities in the wrong! Car, as evidence of illegal trade of jeans that really engaged the three buddies (trunk "Ford" was packed with the product package), was towed to the disposal of branches gendarmerie. A "business" friends took prosecutors.

In the meantime, there was suddenly a third party events — Frank Fontaine, the protagonist of UFO incidents. He appeared in exactly one week, December 3, at the same place where gone. In this case, Fontaine had no idea that was a week (having to face the real tracks ran through time: it was covered with bristles week), and not finding the car at the spot where he was standing, he decided that his treasure stolen by malicious hackers.

To be honest, Fontaine came just in time: just before the court that the three accused of malicious disrespect authority. But on the court, then began to determine the circumstances of proving that any "misrepresentation" was not, and there was held an interplanetary contact "contactee" and "kosmitov." To business joined the French service tracking aerospace phenomena.

There was such a detailed history. Frank Fontaine was driving a car that with great difficulty he managed to get, and two friends were loaded into the trunk of jeans, three to go to trade them in the nearby town of Gisors. It was then occupied by the only vehicle, Fontaine said the sky falling to the ground strip, if the trace of the jetliner. Drawing attention to the object in the sky friends, Frank immediately went to see what it is, because I thought that the plane falls. Friends did not care about this, they went to the store for the next consignment.

Now, where was this. Frank saw that over the hood of his car appeared cheerful colored balls that floated in the air and bounced funny. Rather than laugh and rejoice with them, the guy suddenly fell into a strange drowsiness … and finally fell asleep, having noted that the stalled so hard routine without starter motor.

He woke up many times, but woke up in a strange room, where flying the same "tennis" balls that were not averse to talk with the young Frenchman. "I woke up in the laboratory, — said Frank. — It was a room with white walls like a classroom. There were all sorts of cars. I can not say what they were for. Everywhere were luminous dials. I was lying …"

According to Frank, the room were some glowing moving balls the size of an orange. He had the impression that talking to him if not the ball, one through them. "I woke up and started talking to me. This is very clever, very wise people. Know why they do not come in contact with humans? They fear that their knowledge and science will be used for evil purposes." After some time, Frank came to the same place where so mysteriously disappeared. "I thought I fell asleep for half an hour," — he said.

What happened to him in addition, Frank, of course, could not remember, but said that nothing bad or painful, he did not feel. That's just his voice was a mechanical ball, and speech delayed. Fontaine offered to researchers and the latest in 1979 for information. Balls were residents of the other world, devoting himself to science. The earth seemed to them a primitive science, and people — actors, which in any case can not do science, because they use to achieve it is not beneficial and detrimental. Why are humans and tend to the destruction of everything. Balls regularly visit our planet, but the delight of mankind do not feel as if talking to someone and then only with guys like Frank Fontaine: "This, without a mask" …

Fontaine was absolutely convinced in one more fact: the balls are erased from the memory of most of what they talked to Earthman. A rare case for whose memory it comes! Generally, people are not aware that anyone to interfere in their minds.

Almost as always in such cases, no "earthly" explanation accident commission has not found a "space" in the available range for the layman, it supposedly is not particularly interested. Most likely, at some stage, all information except that which has already leaked into the newspapers of France, was kept secret, and we have the opportunity to tell the reader only what they know only ordinary ufologists are not privy to state secrets, and the common people, whose source of information — the press.

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