Hit parade of wildlife (many editions) watch online

Hit parade of wildlife (many editions) watch online
You are offered a very exciting project, the creators of which have invested heavily in its creation — 10 million bucks for a documentary series about the nature — it's faster than anything out of the ordinary. And believe me, it's worth every dollar you put into it.

This cycle is to tell you about the best of the best in the animal kingdom. You will learn how to representatives of the fauna has no equal in the pole who most voracious of all of their own relatives, and who is the coolest boyfriend and fancy man. Hit Parade worst and most unsafe, the best father and mother, the most vociferous singers and a host of other categories.

In each of them to determine the 10-ka best, then you will find out who has got the same palm. To find the best will be involved confirmed facts of history, biology and general observations. I bet you'll never guess who presented their animals will be the first!

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