Holy cow dung cures …




In India, the main opposition party, the nationalist BJP, started selling drugs and health and beauty products based on cow urine and dung. Sold under the brand name Goratna ("Treasures of the cow") drugs designed to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, constipation, and diarrhea.

The biggest demand is "kamdhenu ghanvati" — a multi-purpose tablet, which is called a panacea for liver disease, various forms of diabetes, hemorrhoids and asthma. "This is a very good and very effective," — said a member of the party BJP Sharma, buying a cream which, according to him, his daughter was cured of acne.

According to Purushottam Toshnival, general secretary of the cooperative, which produces Goratna, based on the ancient Indian herbal remedies, its production scientifically proven principles of Ayurveda. Although many Indian scientists and doctors believe in the healing properties of certain means of Ayurveda, few agree that cow urine enhances their effectiveness.

As the NEWSru.com, cows — animals are sacred to India's 800 million Hindus and their way in one form or another is often used by political parties to influence voters.


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