Hombu Lama sleeps seventies?




Let's start with one of the big news of the past 2004

Literally every day in the world occur if the opening is not loud, the next approximation to the truth. Many Web sites filled with news, comprehend and which relate to previous knowledge is not always easy. We decided from time to time to acquaint readers with the most interesting, in our opinion, news and esoteric science, which puts science to need a new understanding of the facts. The news will be followed by comments competent professionals.
Let's start with one of the big news of the past in 2004.

Two years ago, in Buryatia was opened cedar sarcophagus Hombu Lama (Supreme Lama of Buryatia) Dashi-Dorzho Itigilova XII. In 1927, in anticipation of the impending massacre with the officers of the Buddhist cult, Hombu Lama sat in the lotus position, and began to say a prayer for the dying, absorbed in meditation. After a while he calmed down. According to the will of the teacher, the students put his lifeless body into a sarcophagus and placed next to fragrant herbs. On opening, almost according to the will of the deceased, the sarcophagus of 30 and 75 years, Buddhists have seen in the incorruptibility of the body. In 2002, sitting Hombu Lama moved to Ivilginski temple, where he can see the believers and study personnel. Recent analyzes of the body and organs, recent team of forensic experts have confirmed that the body does not show signs of decay, the mobility of joints preserved, and the skin — firmness, occasional minor cuts allow you to see the red gelatinous liquid resembling blood. For the recognition of Ph.D. Victor Zvyagina personally Examining the body, the falsification is not out of the question; explain just how amazing reached the safety of the body, science can not.
Comment known biophysics, paranormal investigator, author of the USSR's first major work on parapsychology, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor A.P.Dubrova:
— We know that yogis buried in the ground for two or three weeks, then opening the "grave", finding them alive. Meditation can work wonders: meditator long a person can not just get along without food and water, but even with almost no air. Baranova-known phenomenon — women, who took over the years is not a crumb in her mouth. Can last for many years of lethargy in which metabolism is reduced to almost zero. But the lethargy occurs spontaneously, but Hombu Lama deliberately introduced himself in a similar condition. However, the ban on the deliberate evocation of lethargy, probably not. If yoga demonstrate fantastic power of psychic energy, maybe a Buddhist priest has done something with them. So, fully admit that Itigilov still alive, just before we encountered with this form of existence. Another question is whether, in this case, to revive him? I do not know. But we can not exclude this possibility.

Moskovsky Komsomolets on 22.03.2005

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