How and why the aliens are conducting experiments on human beings?

Reports that aliens abduct people and spend all kinds of experiments, come from all corners of the Earth. On this subject has been written a lot, but it is so vast and multifaceted that, in one or a few small articles can not cover it all. Therefore, we return to the story of the danger to human actions aliens.

Over a hundred years ago, as one day.

Proven cases of prolonged (20 years or more) people stay in "captivity" the aliens are rare. A record set, still living woman from Idaho (USA), which went missing in 1880 and was discovered in 1995, trudging along the highway near the site of his disappearance. On her head wearing the metal helmet, which is so "rooted" in the skin, it was possible to remove only through surgery.

At the request of the federal government with the prisoner talked UFO aliens Gerald Myers.

— It sounds unbelievable, but it is, in fact, been abducted by aliens and spent more than a century on another planet — he said at a news conference.
— The best proof of this is the helmet, with which, apparently studied the work of her brain. Unhappy still does not know what happened to her. Since the abduction of years for it does not seem to exist, and she is not aged a single day.

Myers declined to provide precise information on the location and time of detection of women, and to report the name of the victim. This unfortunate was dressed in the fashion of the late XIX century, and was in a state of shock. At the hospital, where she was taken, doctors determined the patient severe mental trauma.

Only a few days later she was able to tell you something about yourself. She was a teacher and lived in a sparsely populated area in the state of Idaho, when her house raided "creatures like children." They moved the prisoner in the "round room with metal walls." Then she was on the planet wrapped thick, smelly fog. "Soon after a resident fell asleep and the earth did not remember anything else until the moment until it again woke up on his planet. Seems all the time women spend on some medical experiments .

I "see" people through …

Marianne Shenifil story begins in the summer evening, when she was still a 11-year-old girl was playing in the yard of his parents' house in Agavame (Masschusets, USA).
— I was approached by a boy in a dark green suit and a large metal helmet — she said later — put his hand on my head, and I suddenly realized that flying somewhere. She came to have in the cockpit of a spaceship. There were six aliens. One of them sat me down in front of the big screen, in which I saw myself. I kind of reflected in it, but not easy, but in a transparent dress and skin, through which were visible ribs, lungs and stomach. I began to call parents, and then jumped up and attacked one of the intruders. They grabbed me and covered my face with something similar to an oxygen mask.

After examining the girl, the aliens have landed her ship and left near her home. At the same time warned that it did not look like the ship will start. Girl certainly did not listen.

And five months Marianne vision deteriorated. Doctors found she had cataracts. For 32 years Marianne completely blind. But at the same time it has acquired the ability to capture the energy of the people around them, to determine their disease and to read minds. Not once in the street, "evaluate" aliens who, according to the woman, "filled many of the world disguised as men." They have, in her words, a special, non-human energy. Known parapsychologist Dr. Andrija Puharich sure that abnormal abilities began to develop at Marianne after her abduction. For example, through the mental impact it can destroy almost any equipment, and even create a fireball.

Now Marianne Shenifild 63.

"The secret little thoughts" floated out.

Let15 back into the American press leaked intriguing information: Paul Ingram, at that time the chief of police of the city Olympia (WA), confessed to raping more than 200 women.

The most surprising is that nothing like he did not commit. Conducted immediately inquiry showed that neither the terms, or place, or for other reasons, he just could not do anything like that. Meanwhile, at the police interrogation, and in conversations with a therapist Ingram stubbornly insisted that he was a criminal, and repent of their actions.

Investigators surprise increased when the police began to give testimony under hypnosis. It turned out that the evening before his startling recognition he was driving on a deserted highway. Suddenly, right in the trees flashed a bright light that was moving at the same speed as his car. Ingram said on the radio station in their observation, and then stopped the car and got out.

According to the "criminal," flash blinded him, then came darkness. Even under hypnosis Ingram hardly recall further. He spoke of the strange high people about the room with silver walls of some soft tube that entangled his head and chest. Woke say, standing beside his car. No one was around.

The police confirmed that Ingram reported a suspicious light on the highway. It was that night Ingram realized that he maniac who committed many crimes!

The therapist concluded that the strange episode of the highway led to some changes in the functioning of the memory Ingram. Concealed sexual fantasies police suddenly intensified, and so acute, that has come to seem true. Soon, he had no doubt of their reality. And the poor fellow, seized with remorse, confessed to the crimes he actually committed only in his innermost thoughts.

Maniac, stuffed with implants.

A similar, but opposite sign was a resident of Uttar Pradesh (India) Kumar Prabhu. This hitherto timid, nondescript farm worker, suddenly found a strong hypnotic power and irrepressible lust. Women he hypnotized eyes. None of them, looking into his eyes, he could not resist. In a short span of time Prabhu made dozens of rapes.

Later, when it became aware of these "exploits", all his relatives and friends in one voice declared that Kumar could not make this. Meanwhile, the facts suggest otherwise. Nondescript man turned into a veritable Superman. Even catch it was a matter of far difficult, and after his arrest, he ran twice, hypnotizing guards.

Later in his body found over a dozen implants of various shapes, sizes from three inches to two millimeters. How did they get there, Prabhu could not tell. But something clear regressive hypnosis. It was found that in those days, when Kumar opened superpowers, he met in the forest some undersized frail people who are forced to strip to his goal and then long considered and stabbed with needles. Prabhu under hypnosis showed where his stabbed "needles." These were the very place where the implants.

Find out about strangers hypnologist did not succeed. Remains unclear motives cruel experiment, they set up over Kumar Prabhu.
No cases with Ingram and Prabhu, in his book "Secrets of the beyond," writes American scholar Michael Dash.

By Igor Voloznev
Source: Secrets of the twentieth century

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