How to build a nuclear power plant Beloyarsk

Reporting by Dmitry Gorchakov

Exactly one year to be held to run one of the largest power facilities in the Urals — a new 4-th power Beloyarsk BN-800. Corresponding Portal 66.RU regularly visits large-scale construction project, and today we will talk about the main stages of construction in 2012, the year.

This year saw the completion of major construction works. Recall that the construction of the 4th unit of BNPP is a unique technology — in parallel with the construction, inside the main building of the future station was build a reactor in the so-called "clean zone."

So schematically building looked BN-800 two years ago. Left — the turbine building of power with the turbo-generator. Right — part of the reactor. Black hangar on the right — the very "clean zone" build the reactor.

Outside, in September 2011, the unit looked like.

By the spring of 2012 the reactor building has grown substantially.

By November 2012, the main building rose to the level of 62 meters (finishing mark on the dome — 73.6 meters). At the top of the outer casing is already visible on the net area. At the bottom is white metalwork arch future overlap of the reactor hall — on top of it will flood the monolithic roof that can withstand the fall of a small plane.

While being built around the concrete walls inside the temporary metal hangar, a "clean zone" created the conditions necessary for the assembly of the reactor pit depth of 16 meters and a diameter of about 13 meters. In June of 2012 in this sector an important stage — the main and the safety of the reactor vessel were tested for strength, density and tightness. First housing has been filled with air under pressure, and then the pressure was relieved, and instead of air into the housing pumped helium, then all welds and the reactor shell were tested for helium leak.

The huge hangar "clean zone." After assembly of the reactor and the completion of construction of the main building will be demolished hangar.

It looked like the reactor in the spring of 2012.

View of the reactor a month ago.

The scheme of the BN-800.

Unlike other Russian nuclear reactors, the reactor BN-800 has an integral arrangement, ie all the equipment of the first circuit (pumps, heat exchanger) is within a housing. That it will be installed next year. Then, the first and second loops are filled reactor coolant — liquid sodium. 19th December at the construction site of the BNPP-2 of the French first container was delivered with 18.5 tons of sodium. In total, over the next year for the unit number 4 will take about 2,000 tons of the metal.

Nothing extra should not remain in the reactor vessel. Its entrance is limited. All of the workers inside the reactor is carried out in a white uniform without buttons, so they do not come off. Used tool also issued at the entrance by hand.

At the level of the reactor hall is a hatch into the mine through which the inside of the main station building will be delivered to large equipment both during construction and during repairs during operation. Now, through it clean excess equipment no longer required in a clean area.

In parallel with the construction of the main building of the station is being built adjacent to the turbine building it where it will be placed one turbine generator capacity of 880 MW. In 2012, at the facility completed a number of complex and unique stages stritelstvo. In June, the German anti-vibration mounts installation is made by a bunch of "turbine-generator." A 16 th and 17 th of October has passed a continuous 30-hour fill nearly 1,200 tons of concrete foundation slab under the turbogenerator.

The state of the machine room in May of 2012.

Engine room in November 2012.

Next to the main body grow a few more buildings, the main one of which special building. Its storage provided for processing and temporary storage of solid and liquid radioactive waste solidified various degrees of activity.

Special building in September 2011.

Pipe special building near the building in the spring of 2012. In June, it has been installed.

Special building in November 2012. Finished exterior trim. The pipe is already in place.

Construction work on Unit 4 BNPP almost completed laying back almost half a million cubic meters of reinforced concrete, still have put a total of about 15,000 cubic meters. But the hardest thing to come. The new 2013 will be conducted equipment installation and commissioning. Ahead and delivery of 2,000 tons of sodium and delivery of nuclear fuel. At the end of 2013 is scheduled physical start of the BN-800. The first electricity to the power grid of the Sverdlovsk BN-800 must issue in early 2014.

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