How to collect MARUSSIA

Production of the Russian supercar is located on a fairly large area of the plant with a touching named "Snowflake". And it is located in Moscow, near the metro "Botanical Garden".

It all starts with a sheet of paper. In the design office employs about 10 people. Mostly young men 25-30 years old. Making the best traditions of design studios — a neat office, modern computers, lots of light, a lot of posters on the walls with sketches, sketches, photographs of other cars and other beauty.

The adopted design of the car is made of clay and only after final approval is sent to the department of development structures.

In the design department every detail worked out to the smallest detail on a computer.

vehicle development process chain is as follows:

1) develop the design is approved 2) The result is sent to the department of development of designs 3) There are 3D-model, verified the reality of creating machines 4) then executed drawings and design documentation 5) Then go orders for

Whole Plant "Marussia" three main departments: the manufacture of composite materials, and body parts, welding / riveting and assembly locksmith. There are also ancillary parts machining, where, for example, painted metal parts powder coated, leather bands interior details.

One of the most important departments in the factory. It makes body parts made of composite materials, prepare a matrix and the master model.

The process of creating the matrix is automated, but the production of carboxylic parts — exclusively handmade.

All carbon parts are heat-treated in huge ovens — autoclaves

Technologies that are in the hands of the Marussia Motors, allow to make any plastic item in the shortest possible time. From the completion of the construction details in KB before the "live" sample passes less than a day.

At the beginning of the master model is made, which is filled with special silicone composition resembling jelly. Then, the master model is taken out, in the "jelly" made the holes where filled with polyurethane to displace air in the resulting matrix. Further, all placed in a special furnace wherein one another through the holes injected two-component (plastic). After about 40 minutes of baking part is ready. Silicone jelly

Oven for "baking" plastic. Work keeps a ready-made form, will be located at the top of two-component mixture that when mixed, turn into plastic.

Paint and body chamber. It is made of fiberglass parts, bring them to perfection.

The second workshop: welding and riveting. This makes the chassis (body), and the suspension elements.

Already assembled and welded body is treated with anti-corrosion and noise insulation material. Sutured closed plane aircraft aluminum.

Third locksmith shop assembly. It is set on the body engine, transmission, electrical, body parts.

Suspension design "Marussia" of its own type of push-rod.

Out of the gate it was this shop go ready supercars. Left model B2, right B1.

build quality is almost perfect surfaces of body elements.


From a visual point of view, is not to find fault with Marussia. Bold solutions invented by designers, made it to the version that is close to the series at its best. All items are produced at its own facilities using ultra precision equipment. Quality control — strict.

A pile of blanks, which will soon turn into a matrix of future parts. The material used is wood.

Three-axis milling machine, working with timber harvesting.

Five-axis machine tool, allowing you to create more complex parts.

Production of the most automated. Manual labor is involved only as a reference checking and adjusting the parameters of the future product.

The quality of interior parts — at altitude.

In the salon "Marussia" practically no open plastic (except for the buttons) — all panels are upholstered or quality leather or Alcantara, or made of carbon fiber.

The seats of its own production — the basis of carbon fiber, the soft part of a dense foam, the front part of combination skin.

It looks like the instrument panel in the Marussia. Instead of the usual speedometer and tachometer dials all the information here will be displayed.

View multimedia system Marussia. "Maroussia" works to "Linux".

For the driver and front passenger are made separate displays multimedia controls.

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