How to crack the time?

I'm sure you've guessed that the word "hack" I had in mind free time travel both in the past and in the future. I am sure that each of you would like to go back in time and fix something done not quite right, or to prevent some horrible accident. Or move into the future and see: Do I have will develop with this person my personal life? The reasons for each individual lot, because scientists and science fiction writers and do not leave the subject alone …

Theories about time travel has always been and remains one of particular interest, along with researches in the field of teleportation, anti-gravity and torsion fields. However, progress is sluggish, because to this day there are no witnesses, not only for this phenomenon, but even there is no universal definition of time.

In a sense, we are all strangers in time, although it is slightly comforting, especially since we can only move forward and at a fixed rate.

Prior to Einstein's time travel does mention that the writers, but the author thought to pay back the clock is not even HG Wells, and Edward Paige Mitchell — Publisher, New York Sun, published 7 years before the Time Machine Watch the story that came before.

Seriously about the likelihood of similar movements have begun to think in pursuit of Einstein. The phenomenon of wandering began to explain in terms of the actions of the space-time continuum. Einstein's shadow still lies in any theory or simple reasoning on the subject.

From the theory of relativity, it follows that for a time in the body, those reaching the speed of light, will be inhibited. The only problem is that to achieve the speed of light is almost impossible as opposed to, for example, the speed of sound, which people were able to win at the end of the last century. Furthermore, in Einstein's theory states that when the body velocity approaches the speed of light, the mass of the body starts to grow, and upon reaching the speed of light is infinite.

Another axiom that accompanies time theory is this: the very first time travel, if it is destined to happen will not happen through the creation of super-fast transport, and by the discovery of an environment where every body would have the opportunity to develop the required speed — the speed of light. Corridor for breaking time as possible to create a purely natural phenomena: black holes, cosmic strings and other things.

The most potential method in many ways it is considered black holes, the natures of which up to the present time, we know very, very little. Made to believe that the star is much greater than its mass mass of the Sun, dies (fuel stops), it skhlapyvaetsya because of the onset of their weight, which subsequently formed the black hole, the gravitational field, which is so much of it that is not even light can escape. Each object, reaching the milestone of a black hole, called the event horizon, it will adsorb to the attraction, while outside the event horizon can not see what's going on inside the black hole.

It is believed that in the depths of a black hole probably in the middle of the so-called point of SINGULAIR usual laws of physics end their action, and the spatial and temporal coordinates, roughly speaking, are reversed. Thus, any physical movement causes a movement in space with time.

Moreover, theorists have assumed that if there are black holes, sucking objects captured in the scope, the core hole may be so called white hole, push out all with the same incredible strength.

However, there is one thing: even before the body gets to the area where the laws of physics cease, it will inevitably be destroyed. This suggestion was first put forward a physicist at the California Institute K.Torn, author of Black Holes and time warp.

Thorne came up with different technology to achieve the desired time travel speed. It was based on all the same theory of relativity, which implies that space and time throughout the constantly, researched other holes in the space-time continuum. These burrows, tunnels, supposedly, can appear between distant objects due to torsion casual space.

Tunnels are able to connect different spatial points are available in a completely different time planes.

Thorne seriously on the eve of the opening of these tunnels proposed to maintain them in the open state to cover the surface of the tunnel of a certain substance with negative energy density. Gravity will try to destroy the tunnel, close it, and the substance will stretch wall and not let happen collapse.

Another great idea on how to move in time refers to the Princeton physicist R.Gotu. He has admitted the existence of some cosmic strings generated at the first stages of the formation of the universe.

According to string theory, all of the microparticles are organized with closed loops in small strings and there is a strong tension in the many millions of tons. Their thickness is much smaller than an atom, however daunting the gravitational force with which they affect objects that have in their action, accelerates them to a fantastic speed. The combination of strings and cross strings and black holes can activate an indoor corridor to the distorted space-time continuum, which is acceptable to use for time travel.

There are no such exotic technology to hack the time. The easiest way is to implement the astronauts. Finding, in particular, on Mercury duration of 30 years will allow the astronaut to return to Earth younger than if he had lived here all this time, because the speed of Mercury around the Sun to the Earth's speed rapidly. Yet in this case, the linear flow of time is saved and moving up to the present time such an experience is clearly not up.

In addition, it is seen that the astronauts that go into orbit in the Space Shuttle, overtaking earth time for a few nanoseconds, right up to the speed of light it just as far.

In addition to the obstacles of the technical plan, physics and suggest various inconsistencies in the process of moving through time. Could become a serious obstacle paradoxes of time. Their will be many, and they will be linked to the likely effect on the course of the events once. Perhaps the most famous — the grandfather paradox.

Many scientific minds have come to the decision that any impact on the offense giving rise to another within an alternate reality, or another world line does not affect the life of the initial one. Such alternative worlds will be created as long as necessary for the smooth availability of any of them.

It must be said that the creation of theories, assumptions, and lectures about the structure of time and the probability of moving in it — to this day a favorite pastime for many physicists. Once upon a NASA astrophysicist Sagan in response to Hawking's assertion that if the journey time would be acceptable, in our time vodilos a lot of guys from the future, he replied that there are more than a dozen ways to dispel this assumption.

For example, such that a time machine will move only in the future. Or that it will be able to move only in a very distant past, to which we have not yet lived. Or the future of our grandchildren will go only to those forefathers who already have the technology.

Yet the presumed likelihood of such trips is, and can not prove otherwise even the most inveterate skeptics. But the theory of theory and experiments in the direction of the break time is in full swing. Sometimes, even with some success.



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