How to make Russian Caucasians to live by the laws of Russia, not the laws of the mountains

Victor SaulkinRussian folk line


Ethnic crime — a threat to national security …

The fact that the dominance of ethnic crime is not only concerned about the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also the residents of many small Russian cities speak and write more than a year. In response, we heard the familiar spells defenders — "this crime has no nationality" and blame the journalists who "incite ethnic hatred." Several times by representatives of the State Duma of "small but proud people" attempted to pass a law prohibiting the media mention the nationality of the perpetrators. In order not to incite hatred and strengthen this friendship of peoples. But the Interior Ministry reports stubbornly said that the number of crimes committed by migrants and people from the North Caucasus has been steadily growing. Despite that the authorities preferred to ignore the fact that they do ethnic gangs in Russian cities and towns. Russian suffer — well, okay. Perhaps resolve itself.

But today it is impossible to ignore the fact that the ethnic crime has become one of the most serious threats to the national security of the country. A mob attack on Dagestan traders Matveyevskoye market operatives, beating Caucasian bandits State Duma in Moscow, trying to drag Asian traders riot police — the situation with ethnic crime becomes more qualitative dimension. Number is steadily moving into a new quality. Ethnic crime feels the owners not only in the markets.


"The guests of the capital" promise to Moscow mayhem

Here's howCaucasians was supported in court countrymen, who beat the biker on the third transport ring. Video posted on the website of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

— These bikers all can be, right? — Cries from his fellow countryman on the shoulder of a woman in a headscarf. — Due to the fact that they live at home, they all can be, right? Then I will personally drive the Russian, everyone can!

— We have three years of war, its oil is not given away, and here we just do not like — says the woman countryman. — Do you take it easy and do not cry.

A man helps a woman to sit on the bench.

— We should not judge! — Fuming at this time in the cage one of the detainees. — It's a biker must judge. He came up the left side and put a knife to my throat.

— He wanted to stick that knife into his throat. — Re-enters the conversation woman in a headscarf. — He wanted to infuriate people. Nation, not a nation, why do war? Maybe it's beneficial to you?

Then the operators face the street. Having caught sight of the camera, they fit a group of young Caucasians with the words "Now we will give an interview!" And it was, to use the characteristic obscene interjection.

The meaning of the interview was the fact that Caucasians are judged innocent, and the criminal biker-released. End the interview hot Highlanders also peculiar.

The man begins to wave his arms to the operator:

— Do you want to lawlessness? You get it! — Threaten young people. — If you want peace, we will be peaceful. Why do you bespredelnichat themselves close to the ground level of our kids for two months? What for? To further our anger to you was a little more? Yes? — Man presses.

And leaves, leaving the camera "Allahu Akbar" and raised his hand in a characteristic gesture.

In his commentary "KP" Azamat Mintsaev, vice chairman of the All-Russian Union of Youth of Moscow ethnic remarks: "Matter can not be in any case, even if the pent up!"

— I watched this movie yesterday in Dagestan in the company of young Dagestan. Of course, we do not like the guys foul language. They act in public, on camera. It is clear that the video will be watching their relatives, seniors, particularly women. Even if you're right, because swearing is unacceptable. It blackens the children in the eyes of fellow countrymen.

Apparently, more than anything, Mr. Mintsaeva not particularly outraged. If his countrymen did not swearing promised to arrange chaos in Moscow, it would be fine.

That is, four of nowhere working young natives of Chechnya and Dagestan, which apparently involved Avtopodstavy, extorted money from two girls who were clipped to his battered Lada. There and then beaten with baseball bats who dared to stand up for women biker. Their hysteria and madness at the scene recorded on video arrived to help the injured Moscow bikers. As is the fact that there was no knife in the biker was not beaten. But, it appears, to judge them according to the law can not be — "this mess", to which they respond to their lawlessness. "I will drive the Russian where I can", "want peace — we will be peaceful. Do you want to anger to you was more? "," Do you want mayhem, you will get it. " Are these threats are not inciting ethnic hatred?

But inter-ethnic strife, according to these "mountain eagles," incited operative who dared to come to the market MATVEEVSKIY to delay the rapist. The operative, apparently, invaded the territory where no laws of the Russian Federation, but live according to the "law of the mountains." So immediately a crowd gathered fellow rapist angry Dagestani woman, protecting their rights, began flailing his arms and legs operative, and her brother was blindsided, back stabbed or brass knuckles, or weights, after breaking his forehead. Perhaps, if not caused serious injury police, all would be hushed up and the "hero" would have continued to quietly sell watermelons.

Markets — farmers

Not the first write and say that Moscow markets are controlled by ethnic OPG and are hotbeds of crime. I think it is easy to find out who the real owners of the majority of the Moscow market. This is mainly determined by representatives of diasporas.

The economic impact — obviously inflated prices for Moscow markets that belong to people from neighboring countries. Completely pushed out of our markets Russian peasants. Ryazan and Tambov potato trading Azeri, Caucasians or Asians. Neither Ukraine nor Belarus is nothing like it. Markets in Russian cities should be turned into farms and return to peasants. Sell their products to only those who produce it. If you take away the strange dealers, the effect will be very quick and visible to the public and to the peasants themselves.

Diaspora, with its almost unlimited financial means, have a tremendous opportunity to bribe officials and ousting Russian competitors from many areas of medium and small businesses. Spreading to new areas of activity, especially profitable, growing diaspora increase their financial capacity. There is a systematic conquest of new territories and the displacement on the Russian side of life. Russian land ethnic organized crime groups perceived to be your lawful prey. Let us remember the excitement of local residents due to predatory deforestation in the Far East, "businessmen" of Azerbaijan.

Terror. Intimidate, suppress the will to resist …

In order to suppress the will of the local population to resist the ethnic crime uses terror and intimidation. Even in Moscow, those not working, "visitors to the city," openly intimidated by a girl who has tried to extort money, "uroem", "iznasiluem", "go away for six months from Moscow." They tried to intimidate and bikers, stood up for the girls a
nd beaten each other. By the way, a rapist, whom relatives Matveyevskoye on the market are trying to pass off as a mentally handicapped disabled person who is unable to take responsibility for their actions and understood how to find a mobile phone from a 15-year-old girl. Intimidate the victim, explaining that "not only killed because near the mosque." Upon calling on the phone that bastard raped girls and calculated. In the diaspora clear system worked when the "rapid response teams" go to protect their fellow countrymen in the event of conflict with law enforcement. This explains the fact that the criminals who killed Yegor Sviridov, was released. If it were not for the cohesion of football fans, it is a crime to have hushed up, as many others.

Journalist "KP" Dmitry Steshin in his article compared the behavior of Caucasians in Moscow with the behavior of the Vikings. In my view, such a comparison is insulting to the harsh northern soldiers and sailors. The Vikings really hunted robbery and raids. The Vikings were brutal, often ferocious and merciless, but brave and valiant warriors. Compare dastardly attack on a pack of ravenous — offend the Scandinavian warriors. Steshina would be well advised to read Norwegian and Icelandic sagas. After killing an enemy, an Icelander always declared himself a murder. The Thing, where the murderer was tried, his relatives had not cried out that he is not guilty, no one was killed, killed himself fell to the ax or sword. Ting conferred virus, could declare the killer outside the law, or a sentence of banishment from the country. Yes, several Scandinavian warriors together could attack one if it was known for its irresistible force fighter or a berserker. But I never considered it a feat. Honest fighting a duel was considered equal fighters.

In the Caucasus since ancient times there were also chivalrous military traditions and the concept of honor. But today, the youth criminal groups impose their ideas and their "code of honor".

All the killings Russian guys in recent years can be divided into two common types of crimes. First. Caucasian involved in the fight or melee combat, begins work on wrestling techniques known to be a weak-Russian student "botany". Ends with a "duel" fatal. Second. Caucasian inferior in a fair fight Russian guy, his friends intervene and should be stabbed, often in the back. Some bloggers wrote after the assassination of Pugachev, "16-year-old Chechen teenager killed a paratrooper with a scalpel. What is taught in the Navy? "Although it was immediately clear that Ruslan Marzhanova lured and killed, leaning ravenous pack. The investigation confirmed this. Ruslan killed several older brothers teenager who lured a guy in a dark place. If people do not Pugachev took to the streets, and would remain in effect version of the "domestic dispute over a girl." As it turned out, this was the fifth murder Caucasians Russian guys Pugachev in the last three years.

All of Russia will turn into Kosovo?

The murder of Ruslan Marzhanova and many such crimes — a methodical, deliberate terror against the local population. The task — to intimidate, to suppress the will to resist the inhabitants of Russian cities. There is a systematic conquest of the territory of the ethnic organized crime groups. One of the challenges for the crime — the capture of economy, trade controls, all profitable business. Not the first year across ethnic Russian organized crime groups in the bud buying local authorities and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The similarity with the situation in Kosovo — striking. Sometime in the towns and villages of Kosovo and Metohija appeared peaceful Albanian traffickers. Then, gradually Albanians took possession of all the trade, and some time later headed the local authorities and the police. And then began the murder of Serbs, too, of course, "household", rape, robbery.

Cohesive diaspora have unlimited financial resources. Migration, which is imposed on us by the FMS Mr. Romodanovskii, in recent years, like the planned replacement of the local population migrants. The idea of turning Russia into a "melting pot" — a crime. Under this slogan, and calls for tolerance Russian on his land eventually have to "replace" a completely different tribes. Recall the "Black Hawks", the crowd attacked with knives and travmatik in the Moscow metro on two Russian guys. Almost all of the "hawks" — Azeri, almost all studied law at various universities. Just look at what is happening in these schools — some time in the prosecutor's office and the investigative committees may appear "black hawks" who were smarter and did not shout "Cut Russian pig", taking off his exploits on video.

All the killings Russian persistently called "household", even if documented yelling "Cut Russian." Criminals released, things descend on the brakes. Making the power to act can only mass protest — Manege, Kondopoga, Pugachev. Clearly, this is not only corruption, but a deliberate policy. It appears, therefore, as the budgetary effects, try the Caucasus "appease".

This way you can keep the Caucasus? No. Explicit error Russian politicians. Caucasus respects strength, fair virtue, but a formidable and relentless. The policy pursued in recent years, is perceived as weakness, causing the Caucasus contempt and provoke new demands concessions. Prone to crime "guests" get used to their own impunity. And, as we can see, just the intention to apply the law is seen as "lawlessness" of law enforcement.

Of course, you can not cut all Caucasians living in Moscow and other cities with the same brush. Met many worthy representatives of different peoples of the Caucasus. I know Chechen officers who fought with the terrorists and the first and second campaigns, Dagestan, who bravely fought with gangs Khattab and Basayev. There are wonderful, worthy representatives of science, intellectuals, ordinary workers. But with the economic and political system built in Russia in the 90's, the first role in the diaspora moved completely different people. They are powerful lobby of various diasporas, which has great influence in the government and the media community. This effect also explains the fact that the explosive situation the Russian government for many years trying not to notice, confining appeals to the notorious "tolerance" and the fight against "xenophobia" of the local population.

Russian order, or Russian revolt

Many no doubt that condoning ethnic criminal groups over the years has been authorized from the top. Will the Russian constantly endure this lawlessness? Many Russian invaders mistook the patience for a cowardly submission. There is an example of Sagra, where some peasants broke up a large gang of strange language, went to pacify the Urals village. There are a few typical examples that have not received wide coverage in the press, who say that when the Russian patience comes to an end, ethnic groups quickly realize who is the boss.

Democratic governance in Russia as the fire was afraid of self Russian. This is natural, because of the liberal reforms of the hardest hit is Russian. The peoples who successfully incorporated in the "market relations" were obtained from the new power mode most favored. Of course, those people who have kept the clan cohesion and were adapted to the trade, have a significant advantage. The power of all these years painstakingly struggled with the "Russian chauvinism", terrorized the inhabitants "Russian fascism". This led to unprecedented lawlessness ethnic organized crime groups in the streets of Russian cities and towns. Recall how the Chechens in the Cossack village of Cossacks shot from behind the police holdi
ng back the indignant people. But now the Cossacks also patrolling the streets of the village, together with the police, do not trust the authorities. Probably near the time when the citizens of Russia decide that protect against ethnic crime their towns and villages can only organize in militias and vigilante groups. The only question is, will these squads legal or not. It is desirable that the authorities have adjusted the interaction with the people in restoring order. Ethnic clashes do not need anyone. Neither sovereignty nor the people. But the words of Leopold 'guys, let's be friends "and spells" in Crime has no nationality "of corrupt officials and criminals will not be able to reason. Ethnic gangs behave in Russian cities, as in the conquered territory. To clean up the Russian authorities at all levels should support the self-organization of the local population.

The police actions on the market and similar Matveyevskoye the law enforcement across the country best described by President Vladimir Putin: "practiced thirty pieces of silver." Questions invasion of migrants and ethnic mayhem gangs — the most sensitive issues in contemporary Russia. And to solve these questions immediately. Russian proved throughout its history that traditionally live together with all the people and do not suffer from xenophobia. Russian order on Russian soil allow all people to live in peace in a single state. But today, Russian trying to get on their land to live on other people's laws. In Russia, the Russian has been imposed order, or country threatens Russian riot.

Not accidentally National and demos so carefully unwind the slogan "Stop feeding the Caucasus." Department of the Caucasus from the Russian long-cherished dream of our "sworn friends." Russian riot and ethnic clashes in Russia — one of the options rocking the political situation and the change of power in Russia. Arrange in a crisis, large-scale provocation easy. And because all the corrupt officials and security officers who condone ethnic organized crime groups commit today is not just an economic crime. Their actions cause direct damage to public safety and should be classified as treason.


"Today, Syria, tomorrow Russia!"

We have all seen these numerous inscriptions on the walls of houses in the devastated neighborhoods of Damascus and Aleppo. It is no secret that in Syria fighting militants from the North Caucasus. Ramzan Kadyrov is not accidental calls them "devils." Tens of thousands of fighters from Arab countries that are now raging in Syria, prepared on the orders of their masters to take the war to the territory of Russia. After Syria, these thugs are going to transfer to Central Asia, the Volga and the Caucasus. Ten years ago, among the traders in Moscow markets for characteristic signs could easily see the Wahhabis. Over the years, killing dozens of priests who practice traditional Islam. Wahhabi influence among Russian Muslims is growing.

Ethnic crime is closely linked to the terrorist underground. Not only in the Caucasus. In the Russia of "peaceful guest workers" periodically catch figures "Hizb al-Tahir," etc. extremist Islamic organizations. How many of them are actually located in our cities? What number of Muslim Youth in the Volga and North Caucasus is underground jamaats? How many fighters who fought in Syria can keep its promise to appear in Russian cities in the near future? These militants were serious special training in sabotage schools. Perhaps an hour "X" in several different cities at the same time and repeat Beslan "Nord-Hosts' attacks on life support facilities, bombings? The level of control over migrants, migrant workers can be seen on Eid al-Adha, when thousands of workers by SMS or call, from all over the suburbs disciplined sent to the Prospect of Peace to the mosque. The sacrifice of sheep in the streets of Russian cities and tens of thousands for the holidays at the mosque — a show of force. As well as shooting weddings. As well as trying to build up the Moscow and other Russian cities mosques. The task — to impress upon the public that today Russia is an Orthodox country, home to a large Muslim community, and ostensibly Orthodox-Islamic, which, according to their plans, as the number of migrants is gradually transformed into the Islamic-Orthodox state. Let us not forget that our country is Islamic extremists — the territory of Jihad. How do they treat their Muslim brothers, we see on a methodical Kill Muslim clerics and religious leaders in the Volga region, Northern Caucasus and in Syria. In Russia for centuries lived in peace Orthodox and Muslims. But today, to push Christians and Muslims on the Kosovo scenario involving huge resources.

Time to act

Both the state and society must realize that corruption of officials, ethnic criminal gang — a direct threat to Russia's national security. It's time to act. Engage today problem of ethnic crime and illegal migration have special structures with special powers. The president did not accidentally noticed that the internal security department do not perform their task. Do not carry out their task and the bodies of the FMS.

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P PI P � P � Ru0454R "Su040BS u2021 Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC, the PS Su0402Su0453Su0403Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0406ReRu0405Ru03BC Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491 Ru0405R Su0402Ru0455Ru0491R � � � Ru0458Re Ru0459R Ru0406Ru0454R � F � R �. Ru040ES, P � Su0402S u20AC Ru03BCRu0458Su0453 Su0402R P u00B1 � C, Su0453 Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Su0403S, PEP "Re Ru0406Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Su0453Su040B Su0403R" P � F u00B1 Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A. Ru045CR Ru0459R � � � P Ru0406Ru0454R � Ru03BC Su0402Ru03BCS PEP u20AC "D, C u2021 C, the PS Su0402Su0453Su0403Su0403Ru0454ReRu03BC Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S u2021 P � C, Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0403S, P � P 'D P u00B1 C <C, C … Su040A Ru0455R � Su040FRu03BCRu0406R � Ru0458Re PI Su0403Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0491Ru0455Ru0458Ru03BC. R '90-Ru03BC Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491S <Su0402R � F � Ru0405S <Ru0458Re Su0453R C u2021 u00B1 � F � F number Su0403R Ru0458Re, Ru0454Ru0455S … P � Ru0458Re Re Ru0456R � F number Ru0491R � Su0402R Ru0458Re � F u00B1 C <P "Ru0457Ru0455Su0403S the PS, Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 Ru0455R C u00B1 u2030 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455, PI Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0456R "P � C u2020 Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru03BCR" Su040ASu040B ft � F Ru0406ReR "Ru0455Su0403Su040A Ru0455R Ru0455Ru0456R � C u00B1 u2030 Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC P" Su040BR u00B1 Ru0455R number C u2020 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455R u2116, P � P � P � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458 — In "Ru0406S <u00D0 u00B6 � ReRu0406R Ru03BCS, Su0403ReR" Su040ARu0405Ru03BCR number from u20AC PEP number B ". P 'C, P Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0455R � C u00B1 u2030 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BC Ru0454 Ru0406R "P � ft Re Ru0455S, Ru045ARu0455Su0403Ru0454Ru0406S <Re Ru0491Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406ReRu0405S PEP u2020 � P" Su040ARu0405S <C … Su0402Su0453Su0403Su0403Ru0454ReS … Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0405R Ru0455Ru0454Su0402R � � � C ReRu0405R … Ru0406S <Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R

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