How to start making contact with aliens!

Today there is no man who would not hear of alien abduction. Kidnappers, however, called differently — aliens inomiryanami, vnezemlyanami. Ufologists argue, is home to these creatures — on other planets or here on Earth, but the problem remains the same. All are equally interested in how and why to start such a contact, from what or whom the …

The head of the Volga study group of anomalies and the author of several books on not learned GS Belimov already assembled a collection of these. Among the abducted may be a simple peasant, and homemaker, and retired, retired military, but very rarely (almost never) — A prominent scientist, politician, statesman. It seems that just those of the person from whom something in this world can depend on, the aliens are not interested.

For all the diversity of contacts they are characterized by one thing in common: almost never touch does not start on your "order." You can not be programmed, "beg", predicted to cause intentional. This, however, rarely happens, but rather as a response to a request by the aliens mentally question: do you have or is it fiction? Make sure the person is given: no, this is reality. However, this "one-time" contact may have no continuation.

The second characteristic feature of the early contacts — this is an incredible diversity of manifestations of "transcendent reality." None of our imagination is not enough for you to come up with such incredible things. Other worlds may reveal their presence in the most bizarre forms — as a ball of light, or floating in the air like a television screen, or some awesome green reptile, and even something a little more convoluted. But they can in the form of an ordinary person.

The artist Alexander Kremneva perception of first contact was quite exotic, "… I see the window flies dumbbell thing, translucent, like a cloud. Length of three meters, a diameter of just over half a meter in the middle of the constriction. Passed through the glass windows, hung over me. Eyes closed, but I still see it, though I do not age … As soon as she flew into the room, in my mind thought: "This is my health" … From the "cigars" with one hand stretched out something like a trunk, stuck on the chest near the heart. started … pumping! .. I did not notice when that thing was gone. woke up in the morning — lying in the same position … Since then, never get sick, and do not care about their health. "

However, health — not only bestowed upon then Kremnev. To "screen" of his inner vision began to emerge since the lovely pictures, affects not only the richness and uniqueness of colors, but also a deep philosophical meaning. Could only move seen on the canvas. Alexander has created hundreds of such "suggested by 'paintings and exhibition of these extraordinary works, letters invariably arouse interest among the audience.

66-year-old Nikolai Fedorovich visited once stately long-haired blonde 25-30 years. As it later turned out, gray-eyed Gerd no wonder he was fascinated: the stranger, for example, learn how to get rid of long tormented him pain. Because of this very respectable retired Gerda Pakhomov, the father of a large family and numerous grandchildren grandfather, became embroiled in a strange game. His contacts with an unknown civilization, the basis of which, according to Gerda, is located on Sirius, were eventually quite interesting, informative, than not slow to take advantage researchers. They left Pakhomov whole sheets of printed matters, and in the morning always found on these pages is quite meaningful answers, written by hand Nikolai Fedorovich. Characteristically, he did not remember how and when I wrote all of these answers. But two things are beyond dispute: first, the handwriting that belonged to him and no one else, and secondly, the level of education Pakhomov (grade 4) clearly did not correspond to the depth of ignorance, which is found in the responses recorded.

In Volgograd VV Krasnov aliens got in touch with the most that on is mundane circumstances — normal forest belt near the village Erzovka. Tired from a long trip driving, Valery located there peacefully relax and have a bite, but he felt that on the back just the same shivers went, there was an inexplicable sense of anxiety and fear. Once or twice a twinge in my heart. Krasnov was worried, but then someone invisible and inaudible like mentally gave him the words: "No, it's not my heart, now it will be … We will not hurt you, just define a few questions and answer yours if they will" . Around, however, there was no one, and the red was about to leave as soon as possible, but not in time, the ignition keys suddenly rose into the air, describing a spiral, disappeared!

That resulted in two silhouettes — male and female! Not appear, namely, "to show" how it is on photo paper with film development snapshot. Both have been about 20-25. Between them and the kind of place Krasnov telepathic conversation.

As can be seen from these examples, the initial contacts can be quite different, but here it should be said, and a third of their total line. Contact is impossible not only to "order", but also (in most cases) to prevent.

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