How to store ammunition (PHOTOS)

I think that readers of this uvazhaemog resource will be interesting to look at how to look inside buried vault of the Ministry of Defence. 

 I represent to your attention 51th Arsenal Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Defense Ministry. 

In these special containers stored anti-aircraft missiles.

And while a few numbers:

— Fence restricted area of 8.4 km long.

— On the territory laid 14.2 km of railway lines

— 15.3 km of roads.
— Arsenal can take 4286 wagons of ammunition for each 64 tonnes, or more than 274,000 tons.

Zura kept in special storage at a constant temperature and humidity:

Outside the store masked and safely hidden from prying eyes:

But in these boxes are stored ammunition caliber 30 mm cannon type 2A42 and 2A38 (written on the box). You can see the three letters BFL — a type of cartridge

Periodically rocket pass technical inspection on special equipment, which verified its performance and readiness for use in the event that)

The work carried out by experts of technical positions:


Tested missiles of different types:

Regularly held training on fire safety:

In special heat chambers tested quality powders which are made of solid propellant rocket motors and ammunition

Samples were neatly arranged on the shelves:

More photos here

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