How to tame a snowmobile

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Snowmobiling — once the privilege of the oligarchs and the dreamers — are now becoming a public reality. They buy the property, as well as take in the rental places are open in many Russian cities. For fans of the snow away pave the special routes, organize walking trails, enjoy a true winter rodeos.


Snowmobiling impressive bold design and ergonomics, durability and power, traction and sporty handling. However, this technique is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Management snowmobile differs from driving or motorcycle. The peculiarity of the snowmobile traffic is such that the center of gravity changes its position: moving on snowy expanses, the technique is wagging from side to side, then fall down, it goes up … must be prepared to ensure that the snowmobile will have, literally, daunting.


Experienced drivers know that the true enjoyment is possible only if the driver's confidence in their own security. Providing such was the main task of specialists from the Federal operator safety — of "Arkan".


Analyzing the statistics of accidents that have occurred in recent years, "Arkan" found that most accidents on snowmobiles committed through ignorance or deceptive kind of winter landscape. Thus, the overwhelming number of fatalities recorded in ice water. Fell through the ice, especially when you can not grasp its thickness — the chances of survival are slim: the clothes got wet pulls to the bottom, and the cold cramp. Collision with hidden beneath the snow barrier (ravine, snag, stump, log) can also be the cause of the accident.


There are cases when people get lost in the vast expanse of snow fall in a snowstorm, flipped on snowmobiles. Experience shows that if the driver is alone, the probability of survival in the harsh winter under natural conditions in such situations is extremely small.


The obtained data have convinced experts of "Arkan" in the need for a satellite kit motosredstv. Satellite tracking technology is not new, it is used to monitor the status and location of vehicles and has proved in practice to be effective. However, in the case of snowmobiles satellite capabilities are focused primarily on the maximum operational assistance to the owner of the art upon the occurrence of an emergency. Indispensability of satellite control becomes even more apparent when the driver hits the road alone.


A bold experiment to create the first Russian satellite kit motosredstv ARKAN Moto, was a success. The system provides round the clock monitoring and snowmobile safety of its owner through satellite navigation systems GLONASS / GPS.


In the event of an accident the alarm will go into Control Center "Arkan", the operator is immediately send to the scene for an ambulance, emergency and police.


Opportunities ARKAN Moto also apply to protect against theft of snowmobiles. Despite the originality of the vehicle, the interest in him from the criminals in the past two years has increased significantly. For attackers to steal a snowmobile is not a big deal, because this technique is more mobile vehicle. Given this feature, ARKAN Moto endowed with motion sensor. Of an alarm monitoring center operator Federal "Arkan" sends to the scene emergency response forces. In addition, the functional satellite system includes light and sound alarm, ignition protection, protection from assault (function Anti-Hi-Jack), shock sensor / fall.


According to the company, "Arkan", a satellite set for motosredstv — a new, comprehensive approach to security snowmobile. ARKAN Moto allows to combine the flavor of the extreme drive and protection from the Federal operator safety.

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