Hronomirazhi or loop time

January 7, 2012 18:39

In our hectic era of consciousness, time and space is returned to us a picture of horrors happened once. Not only individual ghosts, but large-scale military battle people periodically watch beside him, calling the mysterious "film" hronomirazhom or loop time.
All the King's Men The first battle of the Civil War in England was held October 23, 1642 near the town of Edghill. The dispute over the power lead the Cavaliers (supporters of the monarchy), commanded by Prince Rupert, and the forces of Oliver Cromwell (supporters of Parliament). The battle was fierce, and left lying on the field more than 5,000 corpses. And on Christmas Eve of that year, several local shepherds heard drumming away and chased the pace of marching soldiers. They ran away in fear. But do not have time to do a few steps, both in the air there … army. Waving flags, horses whinnied, the soldiers fired their muskets and cannons. Battle lasted three hours.

When the vision disappeared, the shepherds hurried to the main local authority — the priest. The next day the pastor, the magistrate and the nobles from the neighborhood came to a place where shepherds watched the eve of the battle of ghosts. Phantoms appeared again and continued to appear for another two weeks on Saturday and Sundays. Case has received so much publicity that King Charles I decided to investigate. He sent a commission of six. These were veterans of the Battle of Edgehill. Royal officers with their own eyes twice observed phantom battle. They not only found among the combatants of their dead comrades, but also saw those who, after the battle was in good health. At the ghostly horse with sword riding a ghostly Prince Rupert, nephew of Charles I, the living and surviving. Kaleidoscope's battle battle battle last people seen before. Documentary evidence of such phenomena observed by the ancient Egyptians in the third millennium BC. But in England and Scotland centuries XVIIXVIII similar hronomirazhi were literally common. Masses of people, and repeatedly watched "film" with records otgremevshih battles in 1690 by the River Boyne between British troops and Irish Catholics, in 1704 the first between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar, 1746 when the first Kulodene during Jacobite rebellion of 1744 between British and French troops. And all this — in a month, a year or five years after the battle died down! The famous battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815. A week later, the inhabitants of the Belgian town of Verviers, near the place of battle, watched it again — as brutal sechu ghosts in the clouds.

A little earlier, in 1785 in Silesia, in the town Uyest, with all military honors befitting burial of General von Kozell. At a time when the coffin were lowered into the ground, the sky suddenly came marching column of soldiers. Exactly a week after the funeral ghost appeared again. In 1800 and 1836's Ghost soldiers fought in the skies over Ireland. May 3, 1848 of the Dauphine (Vienna) 20 witnesses saw in the sky a whole army. Then, as the echoes of the American Civil War, the militant ghost appeared in the American sky. First, in 1862, near the town Shaylok in Texas, and from September to November 1881 marched shelves in clouds over Virginia, Delaware and Maryland.

The echo of that war is still, to the delight of tourists and local businessmen, rich phantom island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. Near the castle Castello Franco at dawn on certain days you can see hundreds of people fought fiercely. In this case, heard the screams and the sound of weapons. Hronomirazh moves slowly from the sea and disappear from the castle walls. As history shows, this place in the middle of the nineteenth century there was a battle between the Greeks and the Turks.

During the Second World War, this battle ghosts watched the German soldiers of the parts occupied the island. The Germans opened fire, but did not cause any harm to the phantoms. An interesting case occurred in Scotland in November 1956. Students geologists Peter Zinoviev and his half-brother Patrick Skipuit went hiking in the mountains on the island of Skye. One morning the young men heard a strange noise. Getting out of the tent, they saw two dozen Scottish shooters in the old uniform, running through a rocky field, firing at the enemy. The following night, the brothers again woke noise. Again, young people watched the same Scots. But now they walked across the field wounded, stumbling over the stones. Apparently, they were defeated in the battle and retreated.

Local residents were not surprised the story guys. According to them, they have already seen this, and believe that such visionary paintings — a reflection of the battle, which took place in this region a hundred years ago.

Phenomena such as these have been observed more than once in our country. After World War II in the polar latitudes, sailors often observed how many miles from their planes and submarines torpedoed ships and heard explosions.

And known tale of the fall of 1997 in a small village Konyshevsky region Kursk region. Late at night the inhabitants of a house woke bright red beam, illuminating the room. People ran into the street and saw the western sky, above the trees, a huge ball of light. His background as the screen, there were riders and entered into a fierce battle. It lasted for 10 minutes. Rather, it was one of the fights of the last war. In those years in these parts were active partisans, who used horses. Program of the universe for a long time to study such phenomena are clear: it is nothing more than a vision, visual or auditory hallucinations. But the trouble. One person's vision can be attributed to its quirks, but often witnessed hronomirazha are few people and even entire groups of people. Besides, we know that animals are no hallucinations. Meanwhile, during the phenomenon of phantom battles animals behave as if they were watching real events.

In April 1995, Tony Ayngl was walking his dog near the town of Sheffield. At one point, he saw at a low altitude flying straight at him aircraft during World War II. At that moment the dog, tail between his legs, turned to flight. "As the plane approached, I could see a rotating propeller, then the plane suddenly changed direction and disappeared over the top of the hill," — said Tony scientists. Today hronomirazhey phenomenon no one tries to deny, though no one knows of their nature. They often have the search engines — to the extent that the visions of soldiers from the Second World show them the place where to find the bodies unburied. But not always, "time loop" refers to the battle-past events. Hronoanomalnye phenomena can be observed in the field gang wars, in houses built on the site of the cemeteries, and sometimes, though rarely in his apartment, in a normal, everyday life.

Modern science suggests that the answer to be found in the relationship of space and time — in fact, the unity of which mankind has only guess. In particular, researchers are more likely to agree with the opinion of the unrecognized genius of Soviet science, astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev. In the Crimean Observatory, he 30 years ago has made a discovery: the time, appearing at once in the entire universe, everything ties together the objects around us. An instantaneous transfer of information from one point to another. Its unique Crimean experiments show — you can measure the density of the time and to watch from a far past the stars and planets.


I noticed on one of the forums, an Internet geek advanced, "with a loop of time and may encounter in his apartment. You go and — Aw, Snap! — And you're already here, in the refrigerator sharish. You think that's crazy? Nothing like that. From the point of view of information security — normal thing. After all, the software of the Earth — is a unit of billions of operational programs for each person individually. And the Almighty in the universe can also happen failures — or sent a double information, or information is repeated, when the physical body is not present, or, on the contrary, the information is sent, and the bodies yet.

It turns out that in the first case, you see yourself, the second — the events of the past, in the third — the situation of the future "…

Andrew BUROV
Secret Power 4, 2009

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