Humanity and the Jews. Knowledge of the Ancients

In the ancient Jewish — a Jew means alien. One should not think that a Jew is a visitor from other countries. Jew — a visitor from another world, which operate and manage the nature of things and the natural world very different energy, are fundamentally different from the energy of the world Svarga in which we live! Particles Grey Worldwide, access to which is possible through the black hole of the universe (as well as feedback) in direct contact with the particles of the World Svarga explode, forming superheavy substance. This explosion of physics called annihilation. But, despite the phenomenon of annihilation When two worlds, their relationship and it is possible there are many tens of millions of years, the energy level in the form of War of the Worlds on Mitgarde, (he is alive and communicates with galaxies of our universe). For a long time, about 600 thousand years, was closed Mitgard another galaxy by direct communication with Svarga — a galaxy, where the ancestral home of white humanity.

We must also consider the fact that about half a million years ago killed civilization of elves, our earthly ancestors, which was the second civilization existed on earth Mitgard. Who or what was the cause of death of this civilization, the nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravitational energy of the light, to the wise men of ancient orthodoxy came in the pages of the "Golden Book". Itself the "Golden Book" (lists which are stored Orthodox wise men in secret until now), was kidnapped in 1924. Bolshevik Jews from the Temple of Fire Perun in Omsk. Traces of civilization elves remained in the territory on which the present city of Omsk as clearly man-made tunnels under the city and Irtysh. The age of the tunnel about 600 thousand years. Have also been found in the southern Urals wreckage huge globe — portrait Mitgarda, and determining that the age of the pottery of more than 10 meters over a million years, the government just "shut up" this discovery, as well as many other evidences of civilization elves.

Elves — the people, the white race, increasing 2 — 2.5 m, life elf 800 — 1000. Filling volume of information on the brain development of the world's end (before moving his soul, the second energy body in Svarga), the elves reached 90 — 95%. The modern human brain during the entire period of his life is filled only by 5-7%!

Anticipating his death, knowing the cause of the end of his earthly existence, the elves in the mountains of Tibet staged for the next white civilization that — something recently hiding with his knowledge. In these caves elves left their relatives in a state of suspended animation space, which may last more than one million years. These mountain towns — protected storage unknown energies of our civilization. About these places — stores of old began to settle pervolyudi. They were the survivors of the disaster elves who mutated and lost memory (which is now happening to the survivors of shock or accident). These pervolyudi started with the habitation of caves, gathering and hunting, gradually by "trial and error", accumulating the necessary knowledge to survive, began to build a new civilization. But not all hit amnesia, memory units (perhaps in the future their descendants and made caste of the Magi) retained some information about the knowledge of the ancients, who lived to see this day. Elves of civilization exists on Earth is still in the depths of the ocean. Why is this part of our ancestors did not want to communicate with us, we can only speculate.

Of Orthodoxy, the Magi and sorcerers Jews opened the hunt more than 2 thousand years ago, invented for the Christian (servants of the LORD, and mischievous sheep).

Orthodoxy and ancient knowledge, which could later take the white race Magi, would lead to the defeat of the aliens — the gray race.

Let's break down the last stages of the struggle of the Worlds, which are raging on our Earth Mitgard. But first, let us remember the forgotten truth — the meaning of human existence that is a third of a civilization that exists today in our Mitgarde, remember how to be a man's way.

The concept of "sin" invented religious obscurantism, as a psychological ploy to subjugate his victim and extortion. They make their sacrifice to atone for sin, or buy their way out of it by the sacrifice of money or property to the church, monastery or mosque. The Orthodox is no such thing as sin, there is a moral decline. If a person committed evil to themselves, their loved ones, relatives, or to Nature, mired in laziness or falsehood, he must find the strength to rise — to right the wrongs, to admit a lie and reject destructive passions. Human life on earth — is the path to God. Fell — Stand up, wipe his bleeding nose and wash and go further. God does not need your prayers. He needs a decent man! Prayer — wasted time, which must be carried out either at work or at rest, or with your loved ones in the family. The man — a child of God, that we stay on the way to their heavenly parents, must be reconciled with a Conscience and his hands should be friends with the head, it should take care of your love for others and family, to their own land. Should not fall to half of his flock, and his own, to protect and guide them. Man's way — is the way to eternal life, eternal service to God our family.

Land Mitgard to Svarga — galaxies of our God Rod, which is inhabited by the spirits of our ancestors, is the cradle.

In this cradle born and are being developed in the early stage of our earthly bodies, our heavenly bodies. Our souls — this is our second energy being. On the third day of our earthly conception of earthly parents, our mothers and fathers, in their seed placed his seed our parents in heaven, goddess diva (note * Jiva) Dodola and god Perun (note * each person the patron God of a sort).

Only our earthly bodies are the sun's energy, and the power of the Earth through food and assimilate themselves part of this energy, reworking it with a cord, to give our soul. Brain (silica — a biological generator and computer) link between two worlds with different energies. But our brains are "filters" that information of other worlds, inhabited by our soul, not given to the earthly existence. There are people who have these "filters" slightly spoiled or they can manage it. This is a different psychics, magicians and psychics.

Reading this information, you may ask me: "What is different from us — the white race — the Jews, that is, the aliens. After all, they have a soul and a body like ours? "Yes, there is a soul and a body like ours, but with a significant difference. The closed nature of the image of Jewish life, their sacred books, which will be discussed in slightly, so imbued misanthropy and Jewish Nazism, that if it reads sane person, it will be frightened and shocked, he claims, "chosen by God" to world domination, just explain the difference between them from us that Jews conceals. But back to the topic. It is known that the nationality of the Jews established by the mother, the maternal they receive Israeli citizenship. The fact that their God Yahweh androgynous, ie gemofradid, and as a Jew conceives a child, one fertilized embryo Yahweh earthly child of my heart! In one Jewish parent heavenly! Therefore, children Jews — men born to non-Jewish, are not considered Jewish. They goyim. It often happens that a Jew conceive a child from men — the goyim, trying to have a child with high official, scientist, or a military commander. In — the first: this being born Jewess living soul Yahweh, that is, it is 100% Jew (newcomer), who got a body of a man (white man), second: being born into an elite family, he belongs from birth to higher estate and it is easier to hide their identity, posing as a Russian, a German, a Frenchman. There is another way to update the state of the body and its functions for processing solar and terrestrial forces. Many have heard about the case Bayliss, Krasnoyarsk case and the other Slavic ritual murder of children by Jews. At the mere mention of it rises ecumenical Jews' ruckus! And the essence of what it is. In our bodies, especially in the blood, there are silicon crystals (Silicium), keeper of genetic information. In these crystals recorded as recreate and in what proportions ill or wounding the body of former first principle. Silicon — the keeper of our genetic code. The Jews knew that a few thousand years ago. If the baby's blood gradually express race on Earth in the matter, the matter then dried and burned, all the microbes and organic matter are transformed into ash and silicon crystals — storage of genetic science remain intact. We can only make them inward in a certain proportion, and with a certain food, the auspicious day to cosmic radiation. This "genetic medicine" eliminates many of the "chosen by God" from genetic diseases, such as schizophrenia, dementia, impotence. This "cure" makes them look like the carriers of genes brought them to sacrifice a child. It must be said that the Jewish priests (and this ruling caste and 500 creatures) still have a lot of knowledge by unknown people, have the capacity to control the events of a particular time, preparing them accordingly using an energy known to them, including psychotropic. When they decided to strongly Aryan race swept away the wave, then bleed all the tribes of Slavs tribes ready in 1940., At the same time as putting a goal to regain the point on the ground Mitgard in which they have a portal to the World Energy gray (meaning modern Israel "wall executioner") . Then they decided to organize a couple of expeditions to Tibet, using for this purpose the possibility of Nazi Germany and Bolshevist USSR, and all of a sudden get to the energies of our white ancestors of galaxies Svarga, house of our God Family! These energies would be very useful for their purposes — world domination. One expedition organized Leiba Bronstein led Mason Roerich, another later organized two accomplice and organizer. Second World War, Chaim Weizmann (the first president of Israel) and Shikelgruber Adolf (Hitler). When this became known to the world community, it was concocted tale that in Tibet, ostensibly looking for any spear — the nothingness, this spear protknuvshego another jerk on the cross, an instrument of punishment of criminals, why it has become a magic spear, giving victory in battles. In this tale, many believe (or want to believe) so far. In fact, both the expedition reached the caves — repositories. They saw sitting in a certain posture elves, but could not get inside. Coe — who from zealous who decided to shoot in a protective energy shield got their bullets back and died. Tibet was the Jews and their puppets in front of the Second World War is too tough! Unlikely in the near future elves and their secrets will be available to anyone. Most likely, this warrior who must destroy the Jews soft "civilization golden billion", which leads to a terrestrial catastrophe, and an end to the monetary civilization, according to the social tension and behavior of our land, not far away. Streams of water, toxic sulfur gases from the faults of the Americas, the inevitable epidemic in the relocation of peoples, can wake Tibet.

But back to our topic. Our gods through nature Mitgarda left us a lot of tips and one absolute truth, which we have tried to forget. In humans, four aspects: body — it should be protected, as the abode of the soul, soul — a repository of knowledge, virtues and vices, the Spirit of God works, the spirit of discovery and creation; SPAR of God in the soul — of conscience all over the yardstick. We, the children of God is responsible for everything on Mitgarde for our actions and inaction, for the effort, laziness, our stupidity. Our soul is mortal. For fall and carelessness, disregard the Spirit of God and conscience, and the soul of a careless foul goddess Morena just crumple and turn into a nutrient energomassu. That's it. But this time the soul will experience a negligent loss of the horror universe, the God Rod and communicate with their ancestors!

The most terrible offense to Orthodox — blind faith! No priest's paradise, where pears idleness ramble or hell with devils in the pan. The gods of nature did not provide such vegetation. There is a "black hole" — portals in the "gray world" — Welcome! Lost their conscience and lost the Spirit of God here a long time waiting to drink their energy, eat their souls. To ensure they are the Lord's sheep, I gave to the humanity of cattle, God will judge them! And here on Earth, and they were filled with many likened to a sheep. They are cut — they Meca, robbing and killing them — they Meca! Here on Earth, aliens eat your labors, and there in the gray world, where you lure drink of you, stupid sheep, all the energy. Here are the "sheep of the Lord." Here the role of the aliens.

Let's go back to the hints that we left our Gods. Dragonfly is born in the water element, and lives in the air. A person born in the land, and live in the universe! Second. In a friendly labor ant appears beetle — lamehuz that their toxic secretions Drug hocus ants to parasitize.

As a result, the ants — drug addicts are dying, and lamehuz moved to another nest. Is not it entice newcomers perverse mirage speedy wealth and robbing them to point to a shameful death. And remember, each of us God's gift of creation, search and discovery. Be person, think, act, remembering the axiom that Jews possessed the world through lies, usury and their whores — Esther. Jews of old mastered the best craft lender, money changers, slave traders and middlemen in different cases in the courts of the rulers. Jewish skillfully and persistently lay and lie still under the powers of this world, leaving their nests kosher offspring. Lamehuzov.

Said, and an ancient prophecy: "And people want to drink from a deadly thirst, and see, shining water. Man suit — and it's gold! "Now only heard: profit, profit, competition! What do you profit from this, the poor and the weak-minded? What you competition, deceived? You traded the face of God shine on selfishness and gold? What food and drink will be on the ground dead?

Mitgard — the cradle of the Worlds.

Our land is in the area Mitgard zero temperatures and the corresponding pressures. Such land in densely populated our universe is small, and so they are used by intelligent beings of different worlds as incubators. Certain analogy can be made by considering some types of insects. All species of mosquitoes, dragonflies and ephemeral — mitlyakov born and begin to exist in the same environment (water), and an active life, in a different form, continue on land and airspace. Dragonflies and mosquitoes, in the adult form, hitting into the water and die, but amphibians, born in the water element, feels equally comfortable in the water and on the surface. Perhaps this indicates that the earth is also such a civilization, which are born and live within our land. After all, we absolutely do not know anything yet, perhaps, the deep civilization, except that it exists.

The fact is that after the conception of our mortal bodies by our earthly parents, for three Earth days our heavenly parents volunteer their seed in the embryo and is born our soul — our second energy body, which could not have arisen without the connection of solar energy and energy forces of the earth, contained in the protein compounds. Our earthly and eternal body during mortality linked activity of the brain, our LCD computer in silicon chip which contains all the information, not only about the Earth's phenomena and the laws governing them, but also the universe. During the earthly life, earthly body, consuming energy of the earth and the sun directly and through food, air and water, some of its processes by using the power of the brain to the body and the formation of the eternal — our soul. Acquiring the knowledge and experience of parents, learning the science and the phenomena of nature, developing his intellect, a man wakes up in his brain encoded knowledge unknown to him, "remembers" various unknown, as saying: "What makes discoveries." An example is the D. Mendeleev and the periodic table, the opening of thorium energy LN Maximov, Popov and his radio waves Yablochkov electrician, mechanic sliders, etc. To "remember" a man need to study hard and creative experience (aka science), analyze, and compare them with the visible phenomena. Developing brain of the earthly body, we educate and train the body eternal, gave him the knowledge and ability of the body of the earth. Connection of our bodies-sided, arranged something like selenium rectifiers — only in one direction — from the body of the earth to the eternal. Our energy body, developing, and gaining energy through our brains from our world, is unknown to us living in his own world, how it works and what it social and physical laws we know is forbidden. But analytically, we can conclude: "At the point of our space, where we are, there is at least one more point of another energy world of the soul. And, of course, that our souls communicate with each other, but unknown to us at. This may explain, in part, dreams "in hand" or prophetic when we communicate with the souls of dead relatives or friends or close acquaintances. Hence, there are portals or power windows, through which, subject to conditions unknown to us, perhaps, for a chat with other worlds than the energy of the body and use some.

Let's consider the following. Scientists have, in various ways and methods determined that hydrogen gas is contained everywhere in our universe. Its oxide mineral on earth Mitgard H2O is life form, and he, this mineral in a small border area of zero temperature exhibits different properties. Water is one of the components of our atmosphere, through which we are passing freely and see, and the water itself at temperatures above zero degrees Celsius is transparent and we can pronyrivat through it, but at low temperature ice is not transparent and it will hurt for a diver. We see three states from a single mineral with small changes in temperature and pressure, through which in certain circumstances can move freely, we can swim in it and we can make him an ice house, a bridge or a missile to kill. The sunlight penetrates through the thick glass and can not penetrate through the soft metal foil or a sheet of paper that the density is much inferior to the glass. Electric current moves freely in the metal without disturbing its structure, and the radio waves is not an obstacle wall of brick or concrete. Who has studied the effects of penetration of the body in the body, the energy in the body, the energy in the energy? These combinations can be varied as long as changing the temperature and pressure, until we find the desired window to another world. There is no doubt that the stone strata of our Mitgarda there unknown to us civilization, one of the conditions of its existence must be high pressure. In our time, it becomes clear to the masses of average intelligence and education, which in the ocean is also a mysterious intelligent Earthlings civilization ahead of us in the technical development and on going contact with humans for unknown reasons. There are suggestions that earthly civilization other worlds do not come into contact with the solar civilization for a simple reason — in this world is ruled by the Golden Bull. Everything is subject to profit — seed of war. The above examples I attest to the fact that many worlds generation stage and "kindergarten" of development are on the ground, common to us cradle. Which energy Worlds then we migrate, who will be able to get to their home or become food for reasonable representatives of another world, we are not conducted. And to know everything and all we probably prohibited. The proverb says: "The wise do not those who know much, but the one who knows the right." In order to understand why on earth the last time there is a lot of disasters, we have enough knowledge. Our ancestors left us with the epic, in which everything that is read, it is told. Reading tales, humans today perceive them as literary works nations. Only a few hundred thousand on — is Russia conservatives, Druid Celts, fire-worshipers of India know that about 600-650 thousand years ago civilization living on the surface of the earth has been destroyed. Traces of the flood and eruptions. Survivors of hundreds of thousands of humans exposed amnesia. Today's civilization had to start from the Stone Age. Remembered how to fire, how to make a wheel, multiplication tables, etc. Now, modern civilization is nearing Rubicon, barely begin to fill your brain.

Heritage of their ancestors — their tales of the King maritime and underwater kingdom, the world pekelnom underground, the people living in the stones, raised modern "scholars", or rather Mudrak ridiculed. Traces of previous civilizations deliberately destroyed the powers that be. First, did the religious leader, but today it is done by Jews, incidentally rewriting and distorting the temporal chain of social development earthlings. Do not be lazy and find out who met with hostility by cybernetics, bionics, genetics? Who is to this day an ardent foe of the science of races — rasologii? And again you hit a obscurantism Jews. Who and Why is our ignorance? What is behind this? What forces and what the world are interested in the abuse of children reasonably harmonious coexistence of different energy on our Mitgarde Worlds?

We went back to the taboo subject: Judaism. Tens of thousands of people, our contemporaries, have been deprived of life and liberty for only one that tried to understand and reveal the essence of the Jewish people. I deprived myself of this freedom, and I write in fits and starts in prison, just for the fact that the published facts about this secretive tribe. I have tried and am trying to understand how it is not numerous people, living among many people, having almost the same with us body and life, can, doing everyday, same with our business, accurately and instantly identify each other and perform one task at all for thousands of years? As they are not in their multiplicity of destroying entire empire, for example, Roman, Persian, Russian? Unleash bloody wars and make the revolution? What mysterious forces they represent, or a tool, what forces they serve? What is their purpose in the cradle of the Worlds? Being already in middle age, I had a dream that I remember in great detail. I saw a change in the wake of darkness dawn bright orange fire, the endless sea of people and their cries of joy of getting rid of the sticky darkness. I once gave no importance to this dream. You never know who that dream. But for tens of years of my life, he came back to me. Back bright light flashed no earthly fire point, a joyous roar of the sea and the human environment is mine. With the return of sleep came the answers to many questions that arise in my life. Maybe the dream is the catalyst of my genetic memory? Maybe this dream is one of the major catalysts, and the components are themselves social processes raging on the surface of our earth, in the knowledge that feed my earthly brain, and he, in turn, encourages the body to respond to the eternal social processes, filling my earthly being, through repetition and my dream is through an energy portal, send me your knowledge, closed to humans. It is quite possible and is not prohibited. Another 2 to 2.5 thousand years ago, wise men could penetrate into the world and to correct a life together of two worlds, not to disrupt the harmony of our bodies and souls.

But to replace the traditional healers, magicians and sorcerers came obscurantist priests, pastors and mullahs. In place of the Vedas (knowledge) and the pursuit of natural knowledge of the world, it is a "sacred scripture" — angry and vulgar invention of the Jews. Instead of the Gods, our heavenly parents-Lord (* host). Why is this? Even before these sad events at the White Light wandered with vile obsequious grin nosed Golden Bull under the name Wandering Jew. Listening to the speeches of the Golden Calf obsequious, homo erectus began to lose and exchange of human feelings in the lowlands and the animal passions, and your mind on the instincts of animals. Why be a child of the gods, why in the work and worry to know the world and observe it? Put yourself to recognize the Lord's servant, who is responsible for everything: for your bestiality, theft, lust. It will define you in paradise, where you will be spending time in luxury, not doing anything. Your sins he atone to his father. Only now with the father he has messed up, then the LORD was born in a stable of whores! So here is a complete lack of clarity: The world to which it belongs papele, but the Lord himself belongs to the tribe of Judah, because his Mameli Jew. Therefore bipedal homo, ardent admirers and servants of the Lord, so fiercely burning people at the stake, and ancient books, killed people who refused to worship the golden calf and read obscurantist. Then and found the Jews, from the world of opposites power over the mind. Therefore, so far the fans khalyavnykh profit, usurers and swindlers in every way to protect and shield the Jews, not osoznovaya that yourself shabesgoi, sooner or later, become victims of their idols. To this day, and now the power of the Jews rests on ignorance, lies and vile feelings of homo erectus. The evidence of these findings does not require confirmation. Who looks teleyaschik these confirmation sees every hour, day and years on end. House 1-2, Ksenia Sobchak, Anfisa Chekhov, liar Putin-Medvedev, Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov, all the State Duma and the "United Russia", our daily stagnation. More is needed to confirm the truth? Now, let's get together and reminisce analytically concluded: "Who and why you need all this?" What can happen to us and our land Mitgard maternity hospital?

The most primitive way imagine that our universe is a zero-temperature plane wall. On one side in the area of positive temperatures and corresponding Worlds obtayut our bodies and souls. Our life is the Original Fire and nuclear reactions of our bodies. On the other side of the wall energy of low temperature and very high pressure, super heavy weight mono Worlds. Particles, neutrinos, and the "black hole." Both World populated by intelligent civilizations, for one of which, are the representatives of the other food. For our antipodes we just food, sheep, and their representatives, Jews, breeding sheep to turn man-child of God, a servant of the Lord, and then in sheep prodigal. Seen our antipodes do not want to pass for cannibals Worlds universe, or the laws of the universe do not allow this. That accounts for the soul of homo erectus transform from human to bestial. (Nymph Tsertseya did it with companions of Odysseus). Our ancestors knew about it, it never lost its conscience and the Holy Spirit. The legend and the stories of Berendeev, the golden age of mankind, where there was no room gain and revered Love.

But in the world of anti'd like to eat, and our antipodes, growing in the bodies of their elected their offspring (the souls of the Jews), and to their eternal bodies and earthly bodies were in line, gave the Jews the ability not to lose their genetic memory. This property is transmitted through the female. This is due to the fact that the anti-world monoestichen. Jewish God Yahweh germofradit. It laid once masculine and feminine. These mysteries genetic memory, and that the Jews always remember: "What they are not of this world", causes them to be secretive, to be able to identify each other for mutual support and to fulfill its generic mission. They are in the nature of an analogy. Beetle lamehuz parasitize the ants provide them with the drug. After the destruction of the nest, killing lamehuz uterus and ant dies. Dying Empire, where the plant antipodes. Yahweh gave his tribe patience, ability to disguise, artistry, calculating arrogance and complete lack of empathy for the other inhabitants of the earth. Over time, the anti-world, especially in the last millennium, the energy shortage is increasing, and its representatives on Mitgarde are sending very well "flocks" to their black holes. Wars, revolutions, triggered disasters kill earthly bodies and there are ways of sending "flocks" in the anti-world, where they have the time to walk in "paradise." To confirm this truth enough to consider the "nest" of my own people, his life over the last hundred years. War of 1914. with his Aryan ally, provoked the Jews of Europe and America, the revolution of 1917. conducted and paid Jews unleashed their civil war, horror shootings Judeo-Bolshevist Cheka, cannibalization, Cossacks which, famine in Ukraine, the Volga region and Siberia, organized Jewish Gulag.

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