Hunger Strike: Kovalenko, Malaletkin, Budimir

On Wednesday a hunger strike to demand the release of political prisoners in Belarus continued in Minsk and Orsha. Vitebsk starving Sergei Kovalenko back in last Monday has been moved from the detention center, where he was arrested, in Vitebsk city hospital.

Other details about the protests and their participants reported regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Vitebsk Region

Sergei Kovalenko family filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office. Oppositionist then save cardiologists.

Vitebsk opposition leader Sergei Kovalenko forced to temporarily suspend the hunger strike. March 4 on the 10th day of fasting he needed urgent medical care in the cardiology department of Vitebsk City Hospital ..

On Wednesday, the health status of Sergei said, "Freedom" Elena Kovalenko, CCP BPF activist wife:

"Thinner, unshaven … Of course, 10 days adgaladavav … Tormented by this … He's still in the box camera planted. Violation Once he is — then the penalty! There's a very harsh conditions — even the pillows, no, nothing ! Walks not. Certainly, it feels especially good. Lying in the hospital so far. "

Elena Kovalenko said she came to Sergei family hired a lawyer. As it turned out, if for activist came "first aid", the detention center did not have official confirmation on what basis Kovalenko custody. He has not issued a ruling on detention for 15 days, which he served from April 1:

"Once clear, once everything is very vague with this latest arrest. We wrote a complaint to the prosecutor's office."

Sergei Kovalenko ready to continue the strike, when released from the hospital and will be forced to go back to the detention center to get 15-day period of detention.

Thus he was punished for violation of the sentence, sentenced last year for what he posted the white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree in the Vitebsk area of Victory. Sergei Kovalenko was awarded three years of imprisonment "conditional" and acknowledged his past infringement action — March 24, on the eve of Freedom Day, he came to the center of Vitebsk with three white-red-white flags. March 25 he was sentenced to seven days in jail, and that same day he began a hunger strike, which is now being forced to suspend.

Hunger strike by Sergei Malaletkina in Orsha will last 15 days.

Sergei Malaletkin

49-year-old Sergei Malaletkin the sixth day of hunger strike. His hunger strike under the motto "15 days of hunger — instead of 15 days in jail": it is an action of solidarity with the detainees and convicted after the events of Minsk on December 19.

Mr. Malaletkin sure that 15 days in jail — the maximum penalty that could have been sentenced for "unauthorized action", as it is qualified in administrative law. Therefore, punishment for the years of imprisonment, which received opposition activists, he believes that it is unfair.

During the hunger strike, Sergei Malaletkin made an appeal to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, who assumes send to Moscow. It is written as follows: "With a heavy heart I ask you to make a worthy man's act and stop being blind to what is happening in Belarus":

"I want to emphasize — this is my personal opinion — that the Kremlin's position after the events of December 19 are not men, not strong-willed. I've learned address of the presidential administration, sent a letter and I will put back his poem, written expressly for the occasion by Russian language:

We do not become stale —
As we grow stale.
That's right, insincere prayers,
That's right, not with those we meet,

Everything is classified,
We reject intact.
He reaches for the black dark
Reaches for the Light is white.

On health Sergei Malaletkin hardly complain: only notes that on the sixth day of fasting at it a little stunned state. This is the second hunger strike in his life, the first lasted a week. Now he believes fasting in solidarity with political prisoners until April 15.



Budimir looks forward to consulting physicians and their help in the long hunger strike

Wednesday — 8 th day of hunger strike Belarusian blogger Budimir (Dmitry Galko). Here's what he said today, "Freedom":

"Allegedly, contrary to common opinion namnazhenne difficulties during the hunger strike, the state of my health is improving.

I was very bad the first 3-4 days. And if I "cleaned up" the body of salt Karlovy Vara, will then no longer a headache. Also, drinking herbal infusions, and from them also becomes better.

"The film" Hunger "- a tragic but instructive"

Dmitry Galko mentions the famous strike in 1981, announced by the Irish members of the republican movement. In this way, they defended their rights in resisting the British government.

"I once again reviewed the film" Hunger, "about the events Watch the movie — it's hard, but the benefits of this is."

I ask Dmitry: anyone interested in the course of his hunger strike?

"I have visited so far only Belarusian political analyst Vladimir Mackiewicz. It came right on the first day, and gave specific advice. More interested journalists — especially with" Nasha Niva ", Radio Liberty, Radio Europe, and, of course, related. And no one seems to be more . "

Dmitry Galko also notes that he now had a difficult situation. He is hungry in a rented apartment, which is far from the place of its registration. Dmitry says:

"Formally difficult.'s Hospital at the place of registration is far away, also there now, I know a great turn. And to me it is hard to sustain a long way and wasting time. Therefore, I hope to help medical experts or knowledgeable people."

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