Hunger Strike: Vitebsk, Orsha, Minsk

Hunger strike to demand the release of political prisoners in Belarus continued on Monday in Minsk and Vitebsk and Orsha.

On the state of health of the stocks and their future intentions recognized regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Vitebsk Region

Sergei Malaletkin: "15 days of hunger instead of 15 days in jail"

A resident of Orsha, writer Sergei Malaletkin, April 1 is on a hunger strike in solidarity with theNikita Lihavidam, continues to starve. He protests against the verdict Lihavidu, and against former and future sentences of all members of the Minsk events of December 19:

Sergei Malaletkin

"I continue hunger strike, but as long as the motto has changed. Now he's like, "15 days of hunger instead of 15 days in jail on charges of so-called mass riots". I myself was there in the square. And there was not a riot, I do not see any drunken man, I'm no one saw weapons … And if we all took part in an unsanctioned event, according to law, for it — a maximum of 15 days. That's it! "

During the dispersal of the rally on December 19, Mr. Malaletkinu knocked out teeth, broken arm, and inflicted other injuries, and then the court fined 30 basic units (150,000 rubles).

Now, in the fourth day hunger strike 49-year-old Sergei Malaletkin says that he feels fine:

"It's fine. I work, I have little old parents, help, I go to the store … Live as he lived! Well, my head hurts a little, there is some discomfort, but it is not as fatal as in the case of our Belarus. "

Sergei Malaletkin — believer. In his view, the hunger strike in solidarity fully consistent with the known Christian precepts, the more that just now — while fasting. Starving applies only drinking water and going to continue to protest until April 15.

In the starving Sergei Kovalenko — health problems

On the 10th day of the hunger strike of the temporary detention of the CCP BPF activist Vitebsk Sergei Kovalenko was in the hospital. The fact that it was taken in an ambulance in the first municipal hospital, said opposition leader's wife Elena Kovalenko:

"They put in cardiology. And what the diagnosis is specifically set, I do not know yet. "

Then contact with the very able and activists:

"My heart began to act up. The hunger strike. And the pressure was 105 by 60. Came paramedic, then called an ambulance, they came … Who is lying on a drip … "

Sergei Kovalenko has not yet made a final decision whether it will stop the hunger strike protest.

Sergei Kovalenko

Vitebsk opposition hunger strike in protest against the unjust, in his opinion, the arrests. He is now serving his second arrest in a row, and this is the second consecutive hunger strike.

He first announced back on March 25. The day before he was arrested for what he came to the center of Vitebsk with three white-red-white flags and chanting slogans. In the railway district court witnesses, police revealed that he allegedly swore at the time of arrest. Sergei Kovalenko, was sentenced to seven days in jail.

April 1 activist released from detention center, but was immediately re-arrested. Penitentiary Inspection Sergei Kovalenko sent a further 15 days in jail: he was accused of breaking the serve was sentenced last year sentence. Activist serving a so-called "home chemistry" — three years of imprisonment conditionally — after hanging a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree on January 7 last year. The court accused him of resisting police who detained him, and damaging public property.

Violation of the past was considered an administrative charge. But Sergei Kovalenko said that the second arrest was not even duly issued the ruling. And if by activist ambulance arrived, the detention center were no official confirmation on what basis Kovalenko custody.


The blogger Budimir (Dmitry Galko) holds a hunger strike in solidarity with political prisoners

March 31 well-known Belarusian blogger Dmitry Galko (Budimir) announced an indefinite hunger strike. Recorded "Step desperation" on his blog, he said: "I can not continue to passively observe the political disenfranchisement that exists in my country."

At the request of Radio Liberty Dmitry said:


"To be honest, for me it is a difficult test. Morally, I was prepared, but physically — not really. I had no experience, because until now did not have to starve. But while holding on. Helps me a lot support from the bloggers. What would help a person who does not have, just can not imagine. Among bloggers, there are those who personally held a hunger strike. They give specific advice, and it helps a lot. "

Reporter"Or eat during a hunger strike drinking water?"

Budimir"Yes, and even cooked on medicinal herbs, the stock of which is at home."

Reporter"How to spend a day in a hunger strike?"

Budimir"Although I am one of the members is strongly advised as often as possible to visit the open air and to eat the sun's energy, but when I tried it and went for a walk, that being said, his feet barely caught. Therefore, since the day I remain at home — the computer or spend time with your child. But in general, I spend a lot of time at the computer. "

Reporter"Is it true that in the early days of hunger strike, ostensibly brains work better?"

Budimir"No.. Head works worse. A lot of feelings of euphoria. I, at least, there is no such feeling. The first three or four days a head very ill. Now it has departed, but became more confused. I fall asleep much earlier than it was before, and I sleep longer. "

Also, the source says that gets a lot of words of support. Now telephone contact with him supports a resident of Orsha, writer Sergei Malaletkin that April 1 is also on a hunger strike in solidarity with Nikita Lihavidam.

For his part in the events in the Square December 19 Nikita Lihavida sentenced to 3.5 years in a penal colony. Now Nikita Lihavid requires the removal of the sentence.

Today, the mother of Nikita Lihavida Helena asked "Freedom" thank Dmitry jackdaws and Sergey Malaletkinu for their friendly solidarity. However, she immediately asks Dmitri and Sergei suspend hunger strike. Elena Lihavid hopes that an appeal against the sentence son will consider the Supreme Court of Belarus:

Elena Lihavid (center)

"I already called in their family. And once again I want to thank you for personal courage. Low bow to the mother. Thank you very much for your support. In general, all my great gratitude, who has not left us in this difficult time alone. Fortunately, there are people in Belarus are now very much. "

Elena Lihavid also announced its decision to postpone the son of Nikita hunger strike at a time when his appeal against the verdict of the Supreme Court will consider. Recall that an activist of the Movement "For Freedom" Minsk courts sentenced him to
three and a half years in prison for taking part in the events on the Square in Minsk on December 19.


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