Hurricane in Odessa

26.06.11.Segodnya in Odessa because of bad weather, accompanied by rain and gale-force winds, there have been several accidents. So, in the street Mechnikova tree fell into the roadway and partially blocked the passage of automobile transport going towards the street Myasoedovskaya.
At the very Myasoedovskaya hurricane uprooted and broke a few young trees planted on the pavement outside the houses.
Outside, the wind broke the Bulgarian tree that rest against the wall of a residential building, just a few feet from the window.
And outside Prokhorov uprooted tree fell on a minibus, parked on the sidewalk and blocked the road transport fares in the street Dalnyckiy.
Add that any work to eliminate the above-mentioned incidents were observed from which it can be concluded that the utilities and FEMA have been slow to work in a legal holiday.

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