Hypotheses enslavement Midgard — Earth

They are the most dangerous enemies of all mirov.Oni stronger all the dragons in all respects, they are worse than Satan.
In Rome, there is a legend about the two babies, the future emperor Romulus and Remus, milk fed to volchihi.Eto about them pravda.Oni continue the work of the quiet subjugation of the planet.

«The Terra Papers». The history of the creation of man

In our galaxy billions of star beings in different life forms: reptiles, insects, dinosaurs, birds and others that mankind can not imagine.

One of the oldest stellar races in this sector of the universe — reptiles Ari, who descend from a dinosaur ancestor of the Orion star system. Ruled the ladies, they have created the most powerful empire in the galaxy. Ari soldiers did not find unmatched bravery and cruelty, and Ari Empire was not equal in strength and size.

Millions of years of countless battles forced the empire to create this ambitious strategy of war. This practice of "conditioning" or "reprogramming" to control conquered people allowed them to obey without soprotivleniya.Vragi become the servants of the throne reptiles queens. Thus, Ari-Ans neutralized resistance.

An unexpected evolution of another race in the Sirius star system is a threat to Ari Empire. Although it is not as old or large, like reptiles, but the soldiers of the empire Kapoor (canine race, dog race), its ferocity scared away Ari.
Even the most disciplined of the Ari warriors feared these vicious and barbaric Sirian warriors, who stopped to devour the flesh of their enemies on the battlefield …
Rapid advance warriors threatened the very existence of Sirius Ari Empire. As a result, the Queen came to the kings of Sirius to offer an alliance. The treaty was negotiated, it was outlined in the public sectors of the galaxy each empire have power for some time, the warriors of both empires used to fight side by side.

With the opening of a new solar system, Sirius King quickly demanded it for himself.

Syriana was used ee resursy.Eta new system became an outpost for empire and Ari power and wealth for both continued to grow. But in the end, war broke out again, this time between the rival kings of Sirius.
Worlds (planets) were completely destroyed, including their moons and colonies.

Much later, King Anu sent his son Prince Ea and daughter, Princess Nin-Hur-Sag (both genetic scientists) to rebuild the destroyed world of Eridu and reconnect to a valuable and much-needed resources.

They successfully recovered? Atmosphere supplemented sea life recreated plants, trees and flowers, and hybridized many different kinds of creatures.

Eris planet (Earth) was reborn.

New creatures were created to inhabit the planet.
One of these creatures, APA-Myc, a hybrid monkey had to serve as a slave in the fields and mines. But this beast was different. He could understand orders and could communicate. Princess Nin-Hur-Sag used their own DNA. The beast grew and began to learn independently, quickly multiplying offspring.

When another type of genetic engineering, working underground Lizards revolted and seized power, the ruling "Zveznye Being" left the planet.

Sheti Lizards used mind control and programming techniques they learned from their masters to alter the memories remain descendants of Star Beings.
Human knowledge about the Star Beings was replaced with myths and legends.

Sheti dominance was and continues to be osporeno many other star races in an attempt to ystanovit control of the Earth — and mankind — for their own purposes.

The power struggle continues.

Reptilian race Ari made several attempts to overthrow the current government in the world.

By the early 20th century, almost managed to capture all the "docile" world. But a new movement for supremacy there.

Reptiles will appear in all aspects of media as friendly or heroic beings, fighting on behalf of the person. Reptiles superheroes become models of children's games.

Religious uprisings were organized throughout the history of Earth Sirian.
Inquisition, the papal wars, numerous "Messiah" and "Miracle phenomena" were and will be provoked by them to bring mankind back into their influence.

Upcoming Events:

Humanity will soon be surrounded by images of asteroids and falling fiery comets.

Dinosaurs become childish characters, and violence will be the foundation of their game.

Galactic War conquest rages over our golovami.

Earth — and Man — is the prize.

As you can see the fight for the planet and we are all going in a very poor position.
Our mentality supervise and guide in the right direction is not the most friendly aliens.
Everyone chooses — to fight or surrender. Many surrendered immediately. It is more convenient, more comfortable. Give up — your bird is slavishly serves someone on someone's farm. These violent little … A man who knows what he was born — did not win one …

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