In Anapa, archaeologists found the moat over 150 years old

An important archaeological find in Anapa. Found there moat era Russian-Turkish wars. According to experts, it is more than half a century.

Stumbled on it by accident during the construction of the stele "City of Military Glory." At the bottom of the pit for a monument to workers discovered traces of a structure. Archaeologists have determined that the remains of the Turkish fortress.

"The subject is interesting enough, I think, is important to the life of our city. Because the first time we even see a small area studied Turkish moat of the fortress. So now we can already say exactly where, what kind of line it is located, where the ramparts, "- commented Tatyana Tikhonova, chief of the archaeological" Heritage Kuban ".

It is planned that in the coming days, archaeologists have completed research. Now they cleaned pit to make drawings as well as to understand how is the moat around the city.

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