In Armenia, the sect invaded virtually all spheres of life

In Armenia, the sect invaded almost every sphere of life from politics to show business, said at a press conference, the head of the Centre and rehabilitation of victims of destructive cults Alexander Amaryan.

He noted that the influx of sects in Armenia began in the late 80's, after the Spitak earthquake. The population at that time was in a state of stress, which facilitated opportunities through a variety of treatments to attract people into sects. In reality, no spiritual food these sects were not given and do not provide, their main objective — brainwashing people, money and power, said Mr. Amaryan. According to him, most of the sects uses methods of recruitment intelligence, they make people dependent, forced to do what they would not have done. Moreover, there are sects that are actively used hypnosis techniques, directing people to certain actions.

Active sect in penal institutions in Armenia, in particular as regards the Baptist sect and "Word of Life." "Sects are not only sent to the penitentiary relevant literature, but also help to prisoners and their families. After that, once outside, the prisoners themselves trying to provide services to the sect, "- he said.

The National Assembly of Armenia no beneficial changes in the law on sects, also noted Amaryan. "The last law, the penalties for the illegal activities of sects, and has not been accepted, and the Venice Commission considered this violation of human rights", — quotes him PanARMENIAN. Of particular concern to the head of the Centre and rehabilitation expressed in connection with the sect "chorus" acting, he says, in Armenia since 2009.

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