In Brest, you will see another Belarusian-class

It will work in an elementary school number 34 in the new academic year.

As theBelaPAN and deputy head of educational and methodical study of education administration department of the Moscow district of Brest Nina Dryk, decision to open the class made the Department of Education.

"Human Resources and the appropriate material base is. As long as we have one application for enrollment in this class. We invite parents who want their children to learn first-grade whiteRussian language, contact the school number 34. On the assignment of the head of administration of the Moscow Region Alexander Rogachuka in the near future will be given information about the opening of such a class in the local media, "- said Dryk.

According to her, this is the first Belarusian-class neighborhood. If desired, the parents of such classes in the school may be larger.

As BelaPAN Head of Education Department of Leninsky district of Brest Elena Berkovich, The district is working on Belarusian-school № 3. In the new academic year, there has traditionally begin watching the first two classes Belarusian language learning.

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