In Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong flood claimed about 100 lives

Flood occurred in the Mekong in Cambodia and South Vietnam. In Cambodia, killing 97 people. According to Reuters, washed away bridges and houses hundreds of thousands of residents. Moreover, in the north of the region is now a raging typhoon "Nesat", which killed 39 people in China. According to some reports, the typhoon may further increase the flooding of the Mekong River.

Previously reported 60 flood victims in Cambodia. The number of victims of the disaster was 100 thousand. The greatest damage was caused and Siemrep Thom province, where the flood affected 90 thousand hectares of grain crops, 265 schools and thousands of homes.

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South-East Asia at the center of typhoons and unusually prolonged monsoon rains. In Cambodia and Vietnam, killing more than 100 people. The Philippines is the second since the beginning of the week storm.

Victims unusually prolonged monsoon rains over the past two months were almost 190 people in Thailand.

More than 100 people have died in Cambodia and Vietnam as a result of the strongest in the last ten years, flooding caused by heavy rains. The water washed away dozens of bridges and houses hundreds of thousands of people. Because of the flood of the Mekong River flooded 12 provinces. The most significant damage, according to local media, caused the Cambodian provinces of Kampong Thom and Siemrep. Here, the water flooded more than 200 hectares with crops of grain, more than 270 schools and thousands of homes.

The number of victims of the disaster in Cambodia and Vietnam, more than 100 thousand people.

On Friday, the storm warning was extended to the northern provinces of the Philippines. Now here are waiting to start the second week of the typhoon. According to meteorologists, the wind speed at the center of a new typhoon reaches 39 m / s with gusts up to 47 m / sec, it is gaining ground in the Pacific Ocean and is rapidly moving to the west.

As expected, the typhoon overwhelm Philippine province of Cagayan on Saturday afternoon. "We advise people in coastal and landslide areas to be prepared for the possible consequences and now move to safer areas," — Reuters quoted a representative of the local meteorological service.

At the same time continuing the evacuation 120 thousand people that have had in the flooded areas of Luzon after the previous storm. He nearly deprived the Philippines typhoon main rice crops, so that the country now, will likely have to buy rice abroad.

"We are asking for help. We have no water, no food, no electricity. Where are saved? "- Asked Filipinos in the subjects of local television stations.

Affected by the disaster and the Chinese island of Hainan. According to Chinese state media, the storm caused damage amounting to at least $ 78 million in the same city of Hainan. Authorities previously evacuated about 300 thousand inhabitants of the island. On Thursday, the train stopped running, the day before the ferry was closed by the Hainan Strait, which separates the island from the mainland. Airport Resort Sanya suspended work.

However, so far no alarming reports of casualties and injured in Hainan, including tourists, have been reported. The fact is that, approaching the island, according to AFP, the typhoon weakened to the level of the storm.

In Hong Kong life and did return to normal, after the city was closed for the passage of the typhoon. Suffered only three people — they were injured by falling scaffolding and trees. 

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