In Canada, the Navy officer received 20 years for selling military secrets to Russia

In Canada, the Navy officer received 20 years for selling military secrets to Russia

In Canada, the Navy officer Jeffrey Delilah sentenced to 20 years in federal slammer for betraying their own country by the realization of its military secrets to the Russian Federation, wrote The Globe and Mail.

Terrible punishment stunned 41-year-old officer, but was supported by the prosecution and the professionals in the field of state security, who believe that it will serve as a warning to others who are thinking about espionage in favor of other states. Canadian military bureaucrats are also considering stopping payments midshipman Delilah and recovery from his salary since the arrest of the officer in the past year.

Referee Patrick Kunnan during the sentencing Delilah not addressed by the other as a «traitor.» The Tribunal found untenable explanations officer naval forces, who told that pushed his treason treason wife. The arbitrator stated that Delilah «rationally and with cool calculation» offered his services to the Russian Federation, Moscow received from 23 total payment difficulties on 71,817 bucks for about five years, since 2007. Kunnanu arbitrator took about 40 minutes in order to read out the verdict in the absolutely packed courtroom. Mom, daughter and sister of the accused were sitting in the front row, but does not express his own feelings regarding the terrible sentence. «Perhaps someone such a decision may seem sad, but in the eyes of the Canadian population it is quite necessary», — concluded the arbitrator.

Delilah will spend in jail 18 years and 5 months — he score? Time that the officer held a preparatory chamber custody since his arrest in January 2012. Ask about premature release he could not earlier than 6 years. The Tribunal also ordered him to pay a fine of 112 thousand dollars — for the payment of this amount, the State will have Delilah 20 years. What exactly was selling Russian military officer, remains a mystery — no record of this does not exist.

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