In Cherikov dream of revival of the Belarusian language

April 10 in district Cherikov that the Mogilev region, local supporters belarushchyny formed a club of the Belarusian language "Dream". Belarusian state schools, language and culture were the focus of the first meeting of the club.

It was present and our correspondent Andrew Belagubav. The floor.

The meeting was held in the house cherykavskaga journalist and public figure Nicholas Tsar'kova. At the first meeting came a dozen people.

The initiative to create the club belongs to the teacher of the Belarusian language and literature from the village Rechica Lyudmila Starovojtovoj. She noted that she often faced with a formal approach to the fact that Belarus is the official language. "That thought, however zmyats this situation," — says the teacher.

"I recently gave Dictionary 1924 — Lastovskogo. I read the preface, and the problems that existed then, and they were left for the day. Do not know, this is the fate we have this, whether our excessive frugality led to the fact that to speak Russian Belarus — is a kind of freak. We do not want to impose their ideas, we just want to show by example that the language exists. While living language, we live, we live people, he said Bogushevich. "

According to Lyudmila Starovojtovoj, many of her colleagues about the terms of popularization of the Belarusian language in the Mogilev region, which is signed by the Chairman Executive Committee Petr Rudnik, not even heard of, although it approved the nearly year and a half ago.

In Cherikov teacher, local historian Basil Maksimenko interested, as are his colleagues and students in the Belarusian language:

"Teachers are well aware of the Belarusian language. If government policy was aimed at supporting the Belarusian language, they would have accomplished their mission. And the disciples, make them conditions, and they very willingly will study the Belarusian language."

The initiator of the club Lyudmila Starovojtova (center)

In the Cherikov no Belarusian-language schools. All of them are in the villages. In district prevails trasyanka, said Vasily Maksimenko. And in the village?

"Spoke to an old-timer in Belarusian. He will talk to you in Belarusian. But with young, even though they were in Belarusian-language schools, they will not carry on a conversation in Belarusian.'s The problem."

Cherykavski jealous belarushchyny Nicholas Shcherbich collecting signatures for the discovery of Belarus Belarusian-language university. How to treat his countrymen to such an initiative?

"The signatures were many. Almost no one denied. Yet the people speak their own language, well, we would also like to. But the practical use yet. If the state policy in the right direction, and the language will live. Without state support this not solve the problem. "

Meetings of the club's "Dream", the organizers promise to be regular. There will be willing to help study the Belarusian language. Promise that the club will invite Belarusian musicians. Guest of the first session was the bard of Mogilev Igor Mukhin.

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