In Chicago, the snow fell after the heat

This year it was the heat in Chicago earlier than usual. As soon as people have time to feel the spring, the weather suddenly changed — the snow fell, according METEOPROG.

In the first half of April, visited the Chicago heat. The official weather station at O'Hare International Airport said 28 degrees in the shade, and in the center of the city — 30 degrees Celsius.

However, residents of Chicago not long enjoyed a warm spring day, after 10 days the weather changed dramatically.

April 19 the temperature dropped to 0 degrees and snow began to fall in some areas of the Chicago landscape spring turned into Christmas.

According to the National American Meteorological Agency (NWS) — this is the most snow day since 1910, that is, for the past 100 years. Before and after the setback were downpours and hail.

Due to the bad weather, many airports delayed flights.

Forecasters predict in the next few days in Chicago heavy rain, but the temperature should rise.

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