In Crimea, found chemical weapons of World War II

In Crimea, found chemical weapons of World War IIIn the Crimean Black Sea coast found hundreds of containers of chemical munitions dumped here in 1941.

Barrels of chemicals already started to decompose, which is why there was a danger to human life and the environment. According to environmentalists, if at least one barrel will leak — not avoid catastrophe.

In flooded barrels is mustard gas and lewisite. Mustard gas is a martial toxic poisons. With the defeat of their airways may develop pneumonia, and as a consequence — the death of a few days. No antidote for mustard gas. Lewisite is a persistent toxic substance. If poisoning can feel pain, and then appear eczema. In severe lesions occur skin ulcers.

The main problem is that the containers are technically very difficult to raise. Moreover, such an operation would require solid financial investment.

Recall, September 16 from Kalush to Poland sent the first batch of dangerous chemicals hexachlorobenzene.

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