In Greece, the frost

In Greece came real winter. Since the beginning of the week in some parts of the country there are freezing. In particular — in the capital, where the temperature in winter is rarely drops below zero. This weather has forced city officials to remember the homeless who used to sleep in the open, without fear of the cold.

Now in Athens 1. In some places you can even see the snow falling.

Employees of the organization to help the homeless out on the streets of the capital, to distribute blankets and vagrants sleeping bags. They also inform them of the temporary shelters where you can wait out the cold.

[Apostopulus George, head of the Foundation for the homeless of Athens]
"We are developing programs and routes to find them. We also rely on the reports of city residents, we receive around the clock hot telephone lines. "

According to city officials, since the financial crisis, the number of homeless in Greece has increased by 20%. Some non-governmental organizations put the number at 25%. This is a 17 to 20 thousand people homeless.

In addition, in recent years in Greece, the term "new homeless." They are those who have lost jobs and homes as a result of the economic crisis in the country.

It is expected that the frost will hold on here a long time. According to weather forecasts, in some northern regions, the temperature can drop to -24 degrees Celsius.

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