In Grodno Collegium — about the Minsk Square

April 7 "Grodno Collegium" a discussion, what are the lessons given area of the 2010 Belarusian society. At the meeting, presented the issue of the "Arche", which is dedicated to the events of December 19.

It's about what conclusions should be drawn from the events of the day of presidential elections sparked interest Grodno: send dozens of people — social activists, historians and historians.

Anatoly Sidorevich

From Minsk came the famous historian Anatoly Sidorevich:

"The area — it was a new spiral splash fight for democracy. I was amazed at the average age of this area people were thirty years. Just find a friend in the area was very difficult. I went and looked for familiar faces I had not seen them. This new generation has grown, so to speak, savvy people who know — what is the western quality of life, what is democracy and human rights. They do not agree with the official propaganda, with rudeness, with lies, violence against the person the person with the hopelessness in this country. They want themselves prospects in this country. "

Valery Bulgakov

Chief editor of the "Arche" Valery Bulgakov"For me, on the one hand, the area was an indication that a lot of the Belarusian society allows Lukashenko's regime. Actually we have therefore given this number "Arche" on the Plaza. To more than a bloody crackdown on demonstrators never repeated. "

In the issue of the "Arche", dedicated to the Plaza, are photos of Grodno Yankees Lelevich. December 19 he was arrested and ten days was on Akrestin, he managed to capture a screenshot.

Janka Lelevich preparing a presentation of their shots from the square.

Lelevich "USB flash drive has been all these days for me, so everyone had the added excitement of a search. There were times when I would just like a flash drive to break, to destroy, to avoid being found. Lest there be any problems. "

Among the authors of the new issue of "Arche" — Anatoly Sidorevich historian, political scientist Vitaly Silitski, journalist Andrew Pochobut, which is now under arrest against him prosecuted for insulting the president.


Grodno area

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