In Honduras, the discovery of new evidence of Mayan culture




MEXICO CITY, March 8. / Itar-Tass Pasca /. Windfall befell Honduran and Japanese scientists involved in the archaeological excavations of the center of Copan, about 300 km west of Tegucigalpa. On Sunday, experts reported they found 69 graves and the remains of 30 buildings belonging to a highly pre-Columbian Maya culture that flourished in the years 250-900 on the territory of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and El Salvador.

According to the Japanese archaeologist Seiichi Makamura, for seven years working in Copan, the expedition under his leadership, had liberated from deep in the earth for more than 450 major scientific facilities. All "aliens from the ancient past", relating to around the year 550, found to the left of the central complex consisting of several dozen structures.

Particular attention is drawn disposal experts 12 year old child, where there was a lot of unique items — clay pots, flutes, chest talisman of jade with a figure of macaw — a sacred symbol for the ancient Maya.

Reputed local authorities, new archaeological discovery will be presented to tourists in two years.


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