In Maladzechna dismantled a memorial of martyrs for the freedom and independence of Belarus

A 22-hours of April 12 in Maladzechna was dismantled stone memorial of "martyrs for the freedom and independence of Belarus." It was established at the central square in the first mayor of Maladzechna Gennady Karpenko.

Chairman madadechanskay department "BPF Youth" Valentin Tishko, in front of which dismantled the memorial sign, believes that the operation of power specially conducted at night to avoid the resistance of society.

According to the workers, stone allegedly transported from the area in Victory Park. Memorial Stone — the traditional venue of the shares of local democratic activists.

In This year, in Maladzechna will be "Dozhinki." The idea of reconstruction in Central Square memorial stone "martyrs for the freedom and independence of Belarus" does not fit.



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