In Minsk, mourning for the victims of terrorist attacks

April 13 in Minsk mourning for 12 victims of the bloody terrorist attack in the subway. April 13 will be the first burying the dead in the blast. The investigation into the terrorist attack on the Minsk continued intensively.

Last night it was reported that the person identified all 12 victims of the explosion in the Minsk metro. This 5 women and 7 men, the youngest of them Sergei Gerasimchik 17 years old, and the oldest Alexander Parfuntsavu — 47. Most of them are citizens of Minsk, but subway killed as residents Baranovichy, Luban and Pukhovichi areas. Two of them today are buried in the cemetery at Kolodishchi that Minsk dig their graves nearby, as these people were in a civil union. The funeral will occur at the expense of the Minsk byuzhtetu, the victims' families will also receive compensation in the amount equivalent to 10 thousand dollars.

As for the wounded in the attack, then at 19 o'clock on April 12 sought medical assistance for 193 people, out of 165 people have been hospitalized. As doctors say, 11 of them in critical condition, fighting for their lives. Meanwhile yesterday from Minsk hospitals were discharged 9 people affected by the terrorist attack.

Last night, arrived in Minsk Russian Investigative Committee experts to help Belarusian investigators are expected to arrive this morning, Israeli experts. Solicitor general Andrew Swede last night on the TV channel ONT reported that at this time formally detained and suspects in this case no. Yesterday actually several the man wasand detained in connection with the case, but no procedural status, they have not, the investigators promise to report suspected within the next days.

As for the common composite sketch yesterday of possible perpetrators of terrorist acts, the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Oleg Baking said that it can not be unambiguously considered a portrait of a hypothetical terrorist, just the police asked citizens and made a sketch of a suspicious person. Or is it the person has committed a crime — the police clearly do not know.

According to Baking, Police looking primarily responsible for possible terrorist attack among people and events pertaining to explosives, black diggers.

After yesterday's panic waves in Minsk, where each drive ambulance or fire truck with sirens sparked speculation about a new terrorist attack, the Interior Ministry asked the rescue services to use less of these sirens and people to be more patient if they will be checked due to heightened security.

And one more important piece of news — the first line of the Minsk metro is not going to work today, so as long as repairs are not completed at the metro station "October" — because of transport problems are still waiting for Minsk residents who are now going to work.

And finally — have begun questioning of opposition activists in the KGB with the expected question, "Where were you on April 11?" Another activist questioned the party "Fair World" Ludmila Denisenko in Brest.



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