In Nizhny Tagil «Ural» presented its new armored vehicles

In Nizhny Tagil
On the 9th international exhibition of military equipment, arms and ammunition «Russian Expo Arms. Nizhny Tagil-2013 »(Russia Arms EXPO 2013) is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of trucks — Automobile» Ural «- introduced several exciting new products at once created for Russian power structures. Question about made in a modular family of function armored «Typhoon-U» superstoykih undermine the «Ural-53099», also machines for Internal Troops «Ural-BB.» It is about developing a family of tactical wheeled vehicles of various formulas that will differ highest unification.

Exhibition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 traditionally held in Nizhny Tagil from 25 to 28 September. The exhibition not only displayed new items were «Ural», and showcased their unique abilities to overcome obstacles (within a dynamic display). Basis of the exposition automobile was perfectly functional family protected armored «Typhoon-U», which are designed for a wide range of tactical missions, special transportation of goods, towing trailer systems on all types of terrain and roads. This is a promising family of armored vehicles of the latest generation, which differs enhanced protection of the crew, the main components and assemblies, cargo from bullets and shrapnel, and a unique system of mine-protected. In the exhibited machines have implemented a number of innovative design solutions.

Car «Typhoon U» is a mobile platform that allows a set of those or other modules (power plant, the control module, bridge, etc.) to create cars with different wheel formulas, various levels of security, with all this in the base car — bonnet assembly. This design with a rather large mass of armor allows the machine to ensure rassredotachivanie average load on the ground that provides a «Typhoon» good patency. Immediately the family car «Ural», in contrast to their own counterparts, owned by the unification of the highest component and aggregate base.

This year the Russian armed forces should get the first pilot batch of tactical armored multi-purpose «Typhoon-U.» These machines have to take part in the program of municipal and military trials. Total, disk imaging website rosoboronpostavka.rf should have been released 30 units of this technique, the total price will be 1 billion games. 74 million rubles.

The development of these armored vehicles is a typical technological breakthrough Russian defense industry, because, despite the urgent need for similar machines ever since the war in Afghanistan, our army only enjoyed only by trucks, owning a local booking. If a similar military equipment appeared in the Russian army before, then maybe could have been avoided so numerous casualties in a protracted conflict in the Caucasus and various peacekeeping operations, which were carried out by the Russian army during the past two years, the 10-ka. With all this Russian designers were sitting not, warehouses hands even in a poor criteria for funding the work on the creation of promising military equipment were made, but completely understandable reasons these machines army did not purchase.

Almost a few years back the information appeared that in Russia in Naberezhnye Chelny and Miasse developed a promising new family car «Typhoon». Option «KamAZ» name got to the main addition in the form of little letters «K», and cars from the «Ural» was given the designation «Typhoon-U.» The first public display of these same modern armored vehicles has caused a storm of ecstasy, even those people who are far from military equipment. Many recognized the fact that the exhibited machines or what is not inferior to modern Western vivid.

And indeed, perfectly protected armored «Typhoon-U» has a fairly significant weight about 24 tons. Its armor protection using the most advanced world technologies. Constructively address the issue of growth mine resistance. Also now classic V-shaped bottom of the machine, it holds itself multilayered, applied custom Mine Action pallet. Besides the floor inside the car is made on special elastic elements, and landing is located in the car on special shock-absorbing seats, that are equipped with seat belts and head restraints.

As part of the Nizhny Tagil exhibition public for the first time was shown protected armored «Ural-53099», presented in the modification 4×4. Characterized by the presence of an armored car-volume enclosures for transporting 10 people. This machine is absolutely unified with car 6×6. Torquey and quite maneuverable car kitted engine capacity of 350 liters. s. will be used for acquisition and management team Fri Fri, organize various weapons. In the development of this armored car participated over 2-10-s leading companies DIC country. Namely, the resistance to the erosion and car bronezaschischennost calculated spetsy VNIIYAF — All-Russian Research Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Another novelty was the perfect vehicle to secure Russian power structures «Ural-BB», which was designed by the terms of reference brain Command MVD Russia. «Ural-BB» very consistent with all the formulated problem and the customer has no analogues. Armored 6×6 Minivan has armored body, in which you can quietly positioned up to 17 soldiers of internal troops in full armor and has a strong mine protection. Assembling armored car free, allowing you to set different options for him combat modules and equipment Depending on the operational tasks. Powerful engine JAMZ standard «Euro-4» and it proved chassis multipurpose vehicle «Ural-4320» provide the highest reliability and novelty modern technical level. This car will be the basis for a whole family of tactical vehicles protected owning the highest degree of harmonization and differing different wheel formulas. The car can be used by all without exception, Russian security forces.

In Nizhny Tagil


Basic functionality in the family are all-wheel drive cars protected triaxial «Ural-63095» (Typhoon-Y) and «Ural-63099.» Exhibited at the exhibition standards have been upgraded. «Ural-63099» (6×6) — is a modern armored car with one-volume enclosure that provides good protection for the crew, the main components and assemblies, cargo from small tools, also resettled mine protection. Minivan body of the vehicle is designed to transport 12 people.

Frame armored «Ural-63095» (6×6) is a functional modular car bonnet. Its multifunction module has 16 seats. Cab triple car, armored, it has a folding bed. Both machines own-independent suspension with self-leveling and designed for transporting personnel and special cargo on roads of any type. Data on armored vehicles can be set up to several 10’s of various weapons systems, military equipment also for Airborne, Ground Forces and other security agencies.

These cars are equipped with an automatic 6-speed transmission, oversized engines — 450 hp, which are executed by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which is part of «GAZ Group», also a mechanical 2-speed transfer case. On vehicles available power management control oboestoronnego act. During combat missions cars actually able to overcome the two-meter-fords, vertical wall height of 0.6 meters and rises to 60%.

In Nizhny Tagil


Both new products are equipped with 2 fuel tanks with a capacity of 210 liters. each, which exclude the possibility of ignition and fuel expiration. Car travel in store more than 1000 km. Armored cars equipped with modern electrical control system with open architecture, this system differs highest reliability. This system not only displays the driver all the necessary information about the status of units and units of the machine, and be able to make the right diagnosis. If necessary, it can be said automatic gearbox on the status and location of the machine, is also connected to an external control system. With all of this in industrial swatches conducting research on the study of the control of mechanized armored vehicles without human role.

The exhibition with the production engineers Miass Automobile broad delegation met Russian and foreign military. Besides the exhibition was visited by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who came from Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Dmitry Manturov and Plenipotentiary Presidential Envoy to the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh. They are all acquainted with the products displayed at the exhibition Russian and foreign manufacturers, talked with developers and designers of military equipment. And then at the site were able to watch the demo displays of military equipment.

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