In Omsk, began the destruction of 140 tons of dumplings contaminated with anthrax

MOSCOW, June 9. / ITAR-TASS /. In Omsk, began the destruction of 140 tons of dumplings "Darina" anthrax. The information was CPS.

Semi-finished products made in the period from July 13 to August 6, 2010, will be burned in a special oven. As the department, the same procedures for the destruction of poisonous products held in Moscow and Tver.

In late July 2010 the hearth anthrax originated in Tyukalinsk near Omsk region. With such a diagnosis in the hospital were six people involved in the slaughter of cattle on the farm private entrepreneur, one of them died.

An epidemiological investigation revealed that the horse carcasses from the farm private entrepreneur, where infected people, are available on the company "Darina". Processed meats used in stuffing for ravioli.

Rospotrebnadzor specialists in the Omsk region, in accordance with the law, demanded the destruction of products.

The Arbitration Court of Omsk region on November 25, 2010, "Darina" was required to destroy more than 165 tons of particularly dangerous products — anthrax ravioli, which was withdrawn from the market in the Omsk region and other regions of the country.

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