In Orel appeared midge-killer

In several parts of the Oryol region began dying cattle.

Deaths of animals already registered Maloharhangelskom, Sverdlovsk, Glazunov, Soskovskom, Shablykinskom and Mtsensk District.

Local villagers Bashkatova Mtsensk District, say that animals on pasture biting insects like black spiders, followed by cattle greatly swollen and dies. The villagers are scared and do not let horny nurses in the pasture.

Correspondent for the comment "Eagle-region" appealed to the chief of Department of Veterinary Orel Alexander Sizov:

— No epidemic in the region do not. In some areas reported case of death of the animals from biting midges, simulidov that quickly multiplied for them because of the favorable weather. Since the first cases we made an examination, and then we gave local offices veterinary recommendations. To avoid the death of the animals, they do not have to drive out to pasture during the hot days. In addition, owners can vaccinate animals to protect them from the bite simulidov. It should be inexpensive vaccine — 35-40 rubles per animal, and is valid for 28 days. For a man bite simulida safe.

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