In Russia, for the tank «Armata» created the most powerful in the world of serial tank gun

In Russia, for the tank
Nedavneshnego time before the main Russian cannon were well known version 2A46M tank guns. The latest modifications 2A46M-5 has accuracy of 15-20% higher total rassevanie when firing stroke decreased by 1.7 times. Thanks refinements gun zopoluchilo ability to fire the new armor-piercing projectiles oversized power.

Best western instrument currently being considered 120-mm smoothbore gun L 55 with a barrel length of 55 calibres tank Leopard 2A6. In comparison with an old 120-mm smoothbore gun L-44, L-barrel length is increased by 55 130 cm

Used in this gun shells DM-53 and DM-63 have very highest properties to armor penetration. And this despite the fact that, unlike the American ammunition Germans do not use as a core material, depleted uranium.

This instrument, not counting the «Leopard», is also set on the South Korean and Turkish new tanks.

Obviously, the development of Russian main battle tank based on the heaviest unified platform a lot of attention was paid to ensuring great features firepower. As reported by the magazine «Arsenal of the Fatherland», in the 2000s in Russia was created brand new Tank 125-mm gun 2A82. To illumine 2006 of mock and 2-prototype factory N9 managed to produce respectively 787, 613 and 554 shots.

In Russia, for the tank
Sketch 2A46M tank guns and 2A82

Avtoskreplennym system and partly by a great barrel capable of firing both existing and promising ammunition. The technical level, it surpasses all existing tank guns in 1,2-1,25 times.

2A82 cannon muzzle energy of 1.17 times greater than the best weapon of NATO-120mm system tank «Leopard-2A6», for all that our gun tube length 60 cm shorter.

According to the views of the founders of the magazine «Arsenal of the Fatherland», the creation of gun 2A82 demanded designers and production development of the most advanced technologies.

With this new tool of Russian tank «Armata» firepower (obviously, and all other features) will be the best in the world for the coming decade. And if our potential «friends» Try to overcome the existing backlog, already at this point we still have supplies in a more powerful gun, has 152 mm caliber, whose properties are in principle impossible to eclipse.

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