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In Russia, found a city where it is forbidden to swear, as a symbol of honesty there — the traffic cop

British journalists found in the Russian city where smoking mothers, and a symbol of integrity is a traffic cop. In this "fabulous" place was the city of Belgorod.

There are still common values of the 50s: not allowed to swear, night clubs close in 22 hours, and Valentine's Day is replaced by the Christian festival, the British newspaper The Independent (online translation On the advertising poster shows a young woman who looks piercing eyes, and put a finger to his lips. A poster with the slogan looks uncompromisingly and even threateningly: "Mat — not our format."

In Moscow restaurants and nightclubs booming western cult of pleasure, and in Belgorod trying to recreate a strict order, which most Russians have forgotten.

In Belgorod profanity in public is punishable by a fine of 500 to 1,500 rubles. The size of the penalty depends on who has witnessed that the person swearing. If the person swearing at children, then, of course, with him taking the largest fine.

In the ballrooms of the city's night clubs are prohibited from collecting more than two people per square meter, and the clubs themselves are closed in 22 hours. For disc jockeys quota of traditional folk songs to be included in the repertoire of the club to the detriment of contemporary musical rhythms "to educate the public."

Valentine's Day, which carries the risk of "licentious" behavior is replaced by the administration of Belgorod Youth Christian holiday.

For those who are under 18 years old, works "curfew" — they are prohibited from being on the streets after 22 pm (in the summer — after 23 hours). Owners of discos and Internet cafes are fined if "curfew" in them are teenagers.

Not surprisingly, in a city with such rules and restrictions, "a model citizen" was recently hailed by a policeman.

Chief "architect" of social policy in Belgorod — Paul Bespalenko, counselor authoritarian regional governor Yevgeny Savchenko.

In the study Bespalenko hangs a portrait of Putin, who is also an ardent supporter of the discipline, the newspaper said. Bespalenko-eyed protects life style, which members of Western society seems to be the style of the 50s.

"We want to create the ideal of young people — patriotic, sports and healthy, and that respect the homeland of his parents, and know the history of their country."

According Bespalenko, this can be achieved by improving the quality of life, strengthening the role of religion, spirituality and family values, and beliefs of the people that they should love and respect their country. In fact, his politics — a "social engineering", which tried to practice in the past, recognized Bespalenko.

He believes that the state should play a role in shaping the personality. "One has to see that the government is thinking about it and it creates a good environment, which he deserves. This is our duty. Plants do not grow, if they do not water. Same applies to people, they need help."

Children are responsible for the behavior of the parents. If children violate the "curfew", mothers and commit other violations, their parents are heavily fined.

Surprisingly, most of the townspeople, and even young people do not express any particular objections against the new rules their lives. "It's very good, I have nothing against it, — says 18-year-old IRA. — I'd like them to also banned smoking."

Some young people are dissatisfied with the music, which they now have to listen to the clubs — "highly artistic compositions of Russian and foreign classical, folk, pop and ballad music," as they say in the instructions for the Belgorod DJs. This music should contribute to the "moral recovery." Special courses have been organized in order to "raise the cultural level of" local DJs. Do not exceed the sound level of 120 decibels. But young people do not dare to publicly express their outrage, fearing the wrath of Bespalenko and his colleagues.

"As soon as the order is issued, so once we started to detect violations — said the receptionist is very large Belgorod club. — Drunken we immediately found, minors. Impression that these inspectors specifically youngsters in front of him ran into the hall, and then themselves included. " "I have several times to talk to the administration called — told the other representative of the Belgorod music underground. — Yelled and threatened. And all because I started to publicly criticize" the policy of the party. "Do not think, no insults. Simply showed them all her insanity . "

The authorities reacted poorly to criticism. Of the 185 discotheques operating in the Belgorod region to the governor's orders, up to now only 135 survived, the newspaper

The symbol of decency Belgorod — policeman

Most of the adult residents of the city with great respect for the "model citizen" Paul Kirillovich Grechikovu.

"He was the most honest of all the people who have never taken a bribe. Fined He even his own wife, because she crossed the road at a red light," — says Eugene taxi driver. The open side of the road is a bronze monument to a model citizen.

Streets of Belgorod different unnatural clarity. Drivers are happy to give way to pedestrians. Posters with slogans calling for the citizens' pride in the city "rich land and good people."

"Begin was difficult — says Bespalenko. — But now my child tells me that children have less swearing. Streets and backyards become calmer."

In Belgorod, Moscow is considered the place where they live money-grabbing scoundrels with animal instincts.

Dance clubs in Belgorod interrupted "political information"

Mentors young people from the regional administration consider it appropriate to interrupt the dancing frivolous "information inserts" that introduces visitors to discos with the problems of the current state policy.

Bespalenko believes that young people need education, "the whole thing in the way of presenting information."

In this case, a champion of morality fear that young people do not recognize him in the face and do not greet him on the streets. "Scary and frightening that I do not know," — says Bespalenko.

All social initiatives Bespalenko approved "at the top." It is supported by the youth branch of the party "United Russia" and the local priests.

"Mat — not our format"

"Mat — not our format" — the most popular slogan in the Belgorod region supported by the governor. The program prepares officials, representatives of the diocese of Belgorod and Stary Oskol, the youth branch of the party "United Russia". Often they invented 15 slogans, including "Mat — not our format," "To a place of life, it is better not to swear obscenities", "You are elegant and luxurious, if a speech careful." The program's budget — 1.1 million rubles, according to the newspaper "Vedomosti".

"Antimaterny" project was self-sustaining. The regional administration decided to use the Article of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO), which classifies the "obscene language in public places" as "hooliganism." For this there is a penalty of from 500 to 1,500 rubles, or "administrative arrest for up to 15 days."

To the police were not lazy to collect fines, the administration decided to give them 30% of the collected. Another 40% goes to the municipalities, and 30% — in a regional fund to strengthen the rule of law. Just this month the police have collected from the swearing in treasury 511831 ruble. It should be noted that the population of Belgorod — 400,000 people.

Per aspera ad astra.

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