In Russia, the first thing is not planes

In Russia, the first thing is not planes
In Rosteh officially confirmed that the value will be in the midst of military projects aerial reconnaissance drones

Managing Director of State Corporation for aviation projects Alexei Fyodorov explained that significant resources «Rosteh» will focus on the new promising direction — development of unmanned aircraft systems aerial reconnaissance and surveillance.

According to Alexei Fedorov, refers to the development of the «drone» Small and middle-class, medium altitude and dimension. «

As already reported, new heavy percussive drone developed in Russia, will be no earlier than 5 years.

First flight of a new standard shock UAV weighing 20 tons will be in 2018. Its development in the current time the company does «dry». As for the hammer drone weighing 5 tons, created by «Falcon» and «Transas», then it will be developed as early as 2015-2016 year.

President of the United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan said that the shock UAV weighing 20 tons is created on the basis of technical solutions used in a promising fighter T-50 (PAK FA).

Willingness first standard shock UAV weighing 20 tonnes, over which runs «dry», is scheduled for 2018. He also recalled that last summer, the head of the Defence Ministry Sergei Shoigu claimed UAV developers accelerate work on this topic.

Earlier the head of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev noted that the sixth-generation aircraft — is, first, the drones, which are controlled by artificial intelligence. Shred Russian aircraft of this type in the world arms market by 2022 could reach 5%. At present, the Russian Federation has already made competitive standards drones «Aileron-10», «White-10», «HALL-421-016.» They are all absolutely meet modern requirements, and in some positions even surpass zabugornye counterparts.

In Russia, the first thing is not planes

UAV «Aileron-10D.» Source:

The Russian Defense Ministry has ordered the test impactor unmanned «Raven-333» Production Capital Aviation Institute. It was presented on August 20 «days of innovations Defense Ministry.» Developers indicate that the new UAV is able to stay aloft for two hours, the right to transport cargo in 12 kg and act within 10 kilometers. Also, it can be installed automatic, grenade launcher, gidrorazrushitel gas analyzer, thermal imager and other special equipment.

In Russia, the first thing is not planes

Mobile multipurpose complex Raven-333 (Voron-333 UAV)


Also on unmanned helicopter autopilot installed, integrated system GLONASS, GPS. According to the technical features, in addition to manual adjustments available line of motion of flight, automatic return to the starting point in the event of failure of the radio channel and mode of self-destruction.

By the end of 2013 Russian drones creation lags behind global standards. While the favorites in this market are the U.S. and Israel.

Implementation UAV stands in a couple of times cheaper than booking ordinary helicopter or airplane. UAVs are not needed for any specially equipped areas, no crew, no huge amount of fuel. Let’s compare: if civilian aircraft flight hour small aircraft worth 60 thousand rubles, the hour of the UAV will be about 20 thousand rubles.

Ivan Grebennikov

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