In search of the British UFO hacker hacked into Pentagon computers, but escaped trial

December 18, 2012 16:48

British prosecutors decided not to bring any charges Gary McKinnon, accused by U.S. law enforcement authorities of hacking into NASA and Pentagon computers, reported BBC News on Friday, December 14. The chances of a guilty verdict "very small", prosecutors said, explaining his decision in McKinnon.

Briton Gary McKinnon has admitted that in 2001-2002, broken into a total of 97 computers of various agencies, including NASA and the Pentagon. McKinnon says he was looking for in the computer systems prove the existence of aliens, and did not try to learn from their actions any other benefits, including material.

U.S. law enforcement agencies, to seek the extradition McKinnon, accused him of causing damage in the amount of 800 thousand dollars. From the combination of the charges against the hacker in the U.S., he faces up to 60 years in prison.

In 2004, Gary McKinnon was arrested by British law enforcement authorities at the request of the United States. Consideration of the request for extradition hacker took about eight years, during which time the British law enforcement agencies several times changed its judgment McKinnon.

In October 2012, the head of the British Home Office Theresa May put an end to a lawsuit, claiming that the attacker will not be extradited to the United States. According to May, there is a high probability that McKinnon, who was discovered mental disorder will commit suicide if extradited.

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