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Intellectuals are transferred from the hard liquor for tea. Today, successful people often gather cheerful company only to have to share with the guests tea ceremony
Anton Veselov

Seven years ago Kemerovchanin Vadim grief and his friend, the poet Igor DAVLETSHIN, started the tradition of spending every spring symposium of contemporary art created by them under the guise of the "Siberian Nova Kultura". In 2002 DAVLETSHIN was killed in a car accident without a symposium lasted a year and closed. However, the age of forum of young poets, musicians and artists, and so was critical: the five-year history, much has changed — the audience, sponsors, and the artists themselves. The festival people throw into the furnace of art all that can support a spark of interest carefully filtered public. The new century brought grief and DAVLETSHIN temperature Nova Kultura to critical. They themselves, and with them the participants and consumers living center projects for the festival days several lives in a row. It seems that everything was for the first time: preaching the clutch-Lingua (this is where the word articulate as on semantic grounds, and for similar syllables. — AV) poet Willy Melnikov taught a "breathing" language, a group of Los Nuclear — dance porn jazz, and the Moscow DJ Peridot, born Sergei Kosheverov — boil tea on an open fire by Lu Yu.

As it turned out, this beautiful religious rite Sergei taught the founder of club culture of tea drinking in Russia Bronislaw Vinogrodsky. Three years Kosheverov was the guest of his Tea Club "East" and then decided to learn a profession leading tea ceremony and enrolled in the course. Believing in yourself, he even planned to open a tearoom in Kaliningrad, where he had a small plot of land to build the house. In anticipation of a life at sea and the smiling blonde in a linen suit Sergei conjured burner, listened to rotate the bubbles in a glass pot bellied, kneaded pressed Chinese tea, vzvarival mixture poured on naperstochnym cups and handed to the masses. Over the two days of the symposium in 2003 learned to distinguish green "Yunnansky tea-cup" white "Bai Mu Dan" and black "Puer Meng Hai" …

In search of a stalker
Tea culture has so captured me that after the symposium Nova Kultura I began to look around for tea clubs in Siberia. I talked passwords and appearance, but immediately warned that without a personal introduction into the circle drank not get. Secretly, told the story of the home, the kitchen of a club Vladislav. I was fired up, but to have a familiarity with the private carriers Novosibirsk tea traditions could not — did not cross in time, and then forgot corny.

Luck smiled at me in Tomsk in the past year. Reaching for the office IT-company "Elecard" I asked for tea. The street was burning in May, the body is required moisture. They took me to the kitchen and passed from hand to hand Alexander Solon. Just at that moment, he brewed nerasprobovanny another brand of tea, has recently brought by special order from China. Sasha around with "midget" cups in hands sitting understanding people. We got to talking, and with a healthy pragmatism moved out vividly in eastern philosophy. Still, I managed to find out what to buy good tea at the supermarket is not possible — you need to know the shuttles that ply between China and Siberia, and bring only fresh, properly stored goods. Experts immediately warned that the difference between a collector's product and consumer goods will be visible only if I possess the art of making tea and have the necessary utensils.

All these kettles chahu, chalyuy strainers, teapots and tea water shuyhu board shepherds were really in specialized shops in Tomsk, but was worth the whole gulf. Everything else, the seller of one of them told me to find a Masters of tea. Allegedly, only he can find the right for Me dishes and tea (Tea kettles do good only from Yixing clay) and learned how to make tea. Otherwise, all my spending will be futile. With tea aestheticism had to wait.

Soul Tea Society
After a year on the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Novosibirsk office of the recruiting agency "Encore" fate brought me to the organizer of the Novosibirsk Tea Club "Bao Lin" the Alexander Ian. The number of matches has been a mystical and I told Ian about tea dating in Kemerovo and Tomsk. Imagine my surprise when I found that help in the formation of Ian Tea Club came Sergey Kosheverov. "Is narrow circle of these revolutionaries were drinking" — I thought, but did not know how find myself right. A few months later, at the official opening of a respectable club, "Bao Lin," I met Alexander Solon and his associates from Tomsk Tea Club. Sasha himself as a friend of Jan and Sergey.

"A treat for the common cause" — separating this thesis tea lovers know each other in person. But, oddly enough, in the tea-clubs comes not only bohemians, who knows a lot about cultures and tastes. Among the guests and the "novices" a lot of savvy business people who are tired of going through the roof self-control. They are looking at the club relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere that allows them to speak without being interrupted by the rules and listen without making practical conclusions.

However, all this is not directly related to the Chinese practitioners raspivaniya tea. At tea tradition in Russia has its own, Russian author — a Sinologist Bronislaw Vinogrodsky. In 1988, the year of the Dragon, when energy is spilled next 60 yrs, he began to organize the first tea gatherings at Moscow kitchens. Bronislaw decided to follow the outline of China, the tea does not have to submit as part of the culinary tradition, but as a special area of the East. And if the Japanese tea ceremony rituals are made for a specific final state, which occurs after three to four cups of tart, even bitter tea, the tea party is important in the Chinese way of welding to welding. Watching how the drink, sooner or later, you start to notice how to change yourself. Chinese tea ceremony is the best illustrates the philosophy of change upon which the Chinese civilization. In the "Book of Changes" describes the cyclical nature of our world, and the tea helps to feel these rhythms. Proper tea improves care — performing simple actions, makes a startling discovery in life.

"Tea — that's the only way, do not make him a cult — explained to me Kosheverov. — This drink helps to think of yourself." According to Sergei, the normal practice of the Russian tradition of tea drinking club — a club where people are drinking expensive tea, and learn how to brew at home is quite affordable.

The difficulties of translation
The first tea club in Russia was opened too Vinogrodsky — in 1997. When the club quickly emerged eastern school: calligraphy, meditation, personal practices qigong, martial arts … In addition, the organization has appeared numerous followers and imitators, new clubs opened not only the Bronislaw, but his disciples. One occurred in those years of tea "recreations" became the club "East", was originally designed as an educational institution. That it was Sergei Kosheverov leading specialty tea ceremonies. Having learned this, I realized that the circle is complete. I began to think that all my friends on the move offering a cup of tea — "in fact," a huge part of the "family" Bronislava.

Alexander confirmed my assumption. Passion for tea with him and his partner Vladislav Ilyin crystallized after a visit to the Moscow Tea Club Vinogrodsky. The next few years Novosibirsk tea club based in the kitchen Vlad. Little by little, gathered like-minded people, and a year ago it was decided to open a public club. Start of work on the concept of the club "Bao Lin" marked the pilgrimage of the initiative group in China, the home of tea, "Guan Cai" in Anxi county. As a result, says Yang, Novosibirsk club no analogues: "We have a collective image of Chinese traditions and Moscow, plus their own understanding of tea culture."

In the Russian club offers exquisite and expensive tea, which can not afford the average Chinese. And the ancient technology of cooking, it seems most in demand outside of the Middle Kingdom: yet for Europeans tea ceremony — is first philosophy and aestheticism, and then later need. If you go to a Chinese tea, is unlikely to be able to see something like-grand: the Chinese are infinitely devoted to tea and brew it who as you can. But perhaps the right Siberian tea aesthetes: if there is interest in the expensive, grown on ancient technology and assembled by hand teas, and to spur interest in ancient Chinese culture, in which there is much that is instructive. That and look back to the great simplicity of "tea kitchens at midnight."


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