In Slavgorod vertical decides on whom napustsits all the dogs …

After 1986, when this area, having received 15 curies and higher spot was matched by the evacuation zone, now riding in Slavgorod fourth time.

The city has always left a gloomy impression. Not so much the individuals of many of 8000 residents of the old name of the city — Propoisk as ubiquitous garotnastsyu yes disgrace. Until now, the sight of three burned after Chernobyl, moss-covered hut, which do not come up with anything better than to put on the car before entering the denouement. By the way, one of the reasons was traveling call our listener on a "hot line" MS. Student offered to tell the truth about the criminal decontamination villages, where he worked. However, the meeting began with me right at the bus stop where her grandmother, aunt Zoe and Maryla of a suburban village, discussing their existence. I heard a characteristic of the present village hubbub.

Zoya"Thank God, my brother is at work can take a balloon zyatsevskaga boar burns. Wife called — "he is a drunk, and I'm not going." And there is 150 kg of grain bought not brought — no grain, no balloons. A chicken padyarzhala — threw … "

Maryla"And as without their egg?"

Zoya"And I threw the land — and live …"

Maryla"And I went to Truskavets spoke with one Khokhlov — destroyed the farm, took the technique. Live a year without a pension, but said of cows, calves, pigs, a mill … "

Reporter"Oh, say, live in Ukraine badly …"

Maryla"I tell you, my dear man! Here we have all burned down, small potatoes. All pazabrali, we do not provide a pension. It's Lukashenko, well done — showing how much gold has accumulated! "

In the center of the city drove to "Zhigulenko" grim driver with MVP Sergei. Sitting behind a wife, Svetlana. Only in the last minute.

Paslavski"They put 800 on average — an elite salary here, you might say. In the villages do not receive. Flats its not — in the dorm … "

Reporter"Wow builder"

Paslavski"At least do not give it five years — only cooperative and professionals. 160 million two-bedroom apartment. And it's too late to take loans — will not pay … "

Light"And do not lose the job better — very hard to find after. I am a nurse at the hospital and closed the concrete. And the apartment — we will live in a dorm … "

At the local market, met with one of the first entrepreneurs Slavgorodskiy, 52-year-old Mr. Valery Ivankov. For 5 years, we are familiar with, says the number of individuals with the 150 cut in half. Once upon a talker, this time sadly reported that the economic disaster, at least in Slavgorod come.


Ivankov"Slavgorod — a city where there is no production. And the inhabitants earn on the fact that migrant workers go to work — here people simply do not have money … "

Reporter"In your store is buying power?"

Ivankov"Over the past year fell by 3-4 times. Was 150,000 per month, now even worse. And then picked up recently, and now his pockets turned inside from the outside. Remains of bread, and all. This product last 2 months are purchased in duty … "

Reporter"A lot of plants have become?"

Ivankov"Plant for drying vegetables bankrupt lasted 2 years — gave the farm, spisavshy debts and giving new loans. Creamery gave Bykhov — operates as a branch, cut, and a limited number of people. And nothing else is working. Retired but black bread and cucumber, and do not know the best food … "

In the desert Ivankova bench with household goods missed maintenance worker Andrey Makarenko, who, by the way, lives with, that is not the first guest worker goes to Russia. Into the conversation.

Makarenko"Young people in general have nothing to do in the winter — there is no place to make bread. I myself ride to Moscow — and we have prices there. There can be a good sausage on our money bought for 18-20 thousand, there is a 30-35. Our Belarusian goods are much lower … "

Reporter"A salary — that's based on the SEC's" October "near you 150,000?"

Makarenko"In Moscow, an average of 1.5 million Belarusian rubles, working with …"

When the sides have learned that on going to the outskirts to visit the estate where he lives legendary, can only prosperous family of many children here Tikhonov — laughed. It turned out the mother, the soul and the organizer of the family home Ms Larissa is now working in a few tens of meters in the commercial kiosk.


Children (in chorus): "Drasti-Fu-te-e!"

So I met a family of Tikhonov 5 years ago in a two-storey cottage, built, among other things, by the Belarusian-English charity "Help the children to live." Then Larissa has already had four of his children, nine receiving and granddaughter.

Larissa: "I always liked that they sit down at a large table, dine, have breakfast together. Chatter and laughter. And just a little child walking. And I decided that we should be much. Working together, the children all help. Someone peeling potatoes, someone cuts. In the garden work together. Guys — throw manure, straw puts, bring wood, amaze. All the — cows, pigs, chickens, dog dick … "

In the food stall where Larissa is now a store, visitors are not. I asked about the latest family news.


Tikhonov"I'm helping her son — a senior three years ago became the SP. Previously did not work — the "mother-teacher." Kids — who learn, who got married, who are working. With me now man seven foster children. Its daughter less — 4 years old. Adopted daughter, granddaughter went to one class — learning to read-write. Keeping pigs, hens, cows. Previously, many loans a bank take — refundable loans do not have anywhere else … "

Reporter: "You then have had contact with the English Foundation" Helping children to live "…"

Tikhonov: "Many thanks, that helps people who create the nursery — the children in the family better. Send us a postcard greeting, but basically work yourself — you have to put in order to get something out of life. Kids worked out — come and help and always carry a loaf of bread … "


Travelling to Slavgorod never thought without meeting with an old and dear friends — local opposition wrestler, author of 15 books of poetry, the first democratic mayor, a former engineer and geologist, 83-year-old Mr. Felix Shkirmankova. This stocky, slightly bent over the years, but the indomitable spirit of man is a living history of the post-communist, paslyacharnobylskay Slavgaradchyny. Seeing how grown fruit-bearing lemons in his house for tea please first explain why he was in 1994, shortly after the arrival of Lukashenka, he threw the mayor post.


Shkirmankov"Since the beginning of stronger chain of command, the
institutions of democracy began to fade. Always said — "the executive committee of the District Council of Deputies." And everyone knew that it includes elected by the people. What about today? The name survived, and he does not solve anything. Runs the paradise-you-can-ball team on top. This is a judiciary that is fully subject to vertical. Oh, and, finally, the media. Look at our local newspaper. Although replaced by the name of "Leninist path" to "Prysozhski edge." Resolutions and decisions that do not matter, take up the entire area. In his time there was a place for the literary page. Her published works of those who anyhow gave a drop of talent, and they can stretch their wings. Today, it is not … "

By the way, why Shkirmankova forbidden to publish poems in the local newspaper, to arrange a meeting in the city of poetry, I realized 5 years ago during a meeting with the deputy editor of the regional newspaper Vladimir Ryzhenkova.

Rizhenkov"We have a mutual understanding, mutual support and respect to the vertical. It is as a leader, adviser and curator. Chairman of the Executive Committee Vladimir Danilenko is always interested in the newspaper. If we consider that it was necessary to write differently, or something he does not like to cause. And in a constructive conversation find a compromise … "

Again to talk with Shkirmankova.

Reporter"You have heard the recording — slavgaradtsy go migrant workers in Russia are prepared here than 300,000. And it can solve the vertical — and with businesses in the market who do not have anyone to sell? "

Shkirmankov"Vertical decides who can be allowed to trade on anyone napustsits all dogs — fire protection, sanitation center police. They all hold in their hands — no law is valid, everything is crushed, crushed. At the enterprises of the position of deputy heads on ideology. This Youth Union, which feeds on the taxpayers' money! I was a witness — the Palace of Culture in front of our solemnly took the Pioneers students. Belarusian Republican Youth Union — the first word "Belarusian". And though one could hear the Belarusian word! But this rule is imposed. And prohibits all that is related to the historical heritage … "

Conversation interrupted by the arrival of said listener of Radio Liberty — a former excavator decontamination company "Radon" Mr. Wasilewski. Valery A. for the first time decided to tell about their fate, tragically broken cooperation — as it believed in the cause — of the KGB. But first, make me learn all the surviving legal papers — evidence that was "in fact" a criminal case, it calls for the KGB as a witness.


Wasilewski"All there is — agenda, evidence that it was, the article identified her room …"

Mr. Wasilewski talks about the essence of the case and how it "threw".


Wasilewski"I have given testimony against the foreman and his entourage — five people. They sold everything — stove fuel. When come to the resettled villages — not a soul. And we are at home buried in the ground. Can you imagine how many building materials, sauna! Bulldozer they are "driven". And how much fuel — this month to 9 tons of diesel fuel. Ringleaders were two brothers Filimonov — the officers that were expelled for stealing from the army. We were ordinary drivers are dezaktyvatary. The Master was a "scapegoat" — all written off. When it came to law enforcement, came up to me and the KGB. I curse the day that gave evidence. Was it before the New Year, and January 8've already thrown out from work without orders — "Get out." I come to work — put the master absenteeism. Called the police, gave him a summons, and he puts me absenteeism. Went to these "boys" — "Do not worry, you will not give offense" … Here it is a criminal case has been referred to the police and there through someone collapsed. Went to the KGB — "you are no longer a witness in the case, it does not exist." When I fired, and Polyakov — were seen together — put the blame "neprahozhanne medical board" and "3:00 absenteeism" without designation of the day. I went through the regional, the Supreme courts, the prosecutor's office — 5 years fought. No sense! I'm in labor and cost shtempel — "fired under". I went to the market to entrepreneurs — 3 rubles per day received. Tents collected, shipped trunks. That's the life — 70 rubles per month, while in 2007, did not go to retire … "

Mr. Shkirmankov, a member of the BPF from the beginning of its existence, carefully listened to the story Wasilewski, and suddenly it breaks through to the appropriate memory of recent history associated with it.

Shkirmankov"Sent by student grade 11 Verteyko Alexander. One day the phone rang — is a strong-looking guy. "Felix V., I want to view my poems in the Belarusian language." They sat in the house — there was nothing to see. I advised him to subscribe to the newspaper, "Our Word". And he began to come to me. Alarmed that reduced the conversation to what you need here in Slavgorod do some group that would have struggled with the modern regime. Say — and the guys have you got? — "Yes, yes, a man 10" militants ". (Laughs.) And one of the calls says — "we need to attach the roof executive committee white-red-white flag — how best to do that?" I already got to the core — and know that it will be a criminal offense? I can help create a community TBM. I see that he does not want to provoke me. Then he appeared in the central office of the BPF. I asked what this guy is? I told them everything. Then he appeared on TV Mogilev, where carrying a nonsense that his "attempt to direct the activities that undermine the power of the state." But my name was not called — was banned, seen as myself would disclose. Now studying in high school and continues to "seksotstva." So working with the opposition "authorities". And the events of December 19 for me eloquently shows that among those who came out, was more than a dozen "Verteyko" … "

At the end of Felix V. reads a poem written immediately after the events of December 19 in Minsk.

"Nonsense for the truth loves to drive and do not hold in a court response.
And the one who says "to bark" — behind bars zagremit immediately.
Since then, I received … power — the miracle began.
He began to push another view as the truth as afraid of fire.
And only those who look into his mouth and sing along —
Warmed by everyone, and therefore have a place at the trough.
In order not to think, God forbid, something decide for themselves,
His power saves, clinging to her teeth.
Knows all about the missing — and who killed him, where he is buried,
Therefore, the fear in his eyes — a deadly and blatant … "



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