In Switzerland, there was a car aliens!




The Swiss have invented a car with a "high" sensitivity to the emotions of the driver. Outwardly, this miracle machine resembles the alien vehicle — silver color, impressive size, the unusual layout of the seat — the driver sits in front, in the center, and two seats are located on the sides of the back.

The idea of development of this new product is to make the driver feel as comfortable behind the wheel. As planned by the developers, the car Rinspeed Senso is to help its owner in moments of depression or a nervous breakdown, namely, measure its biometrics, and, if necessary, will be able to positively influence it through visual images, colors, music … and even flavors.

Acts as a biometric system. Sensors measure the pulse of the driver, watching the way he drives the car, and send information to the onboard computer. The one with the help of special software determines the state of the driver and sends different impulses of his feelings. If the car detects that the driver is "on edge", he tries as soon as possible to reassure its owner.

Create and maintain the mood of a unique coating helps the interior cabin — he plastered with a special light-emitting film, which is able to change color depending on the voltage applied current: orange-yellow color — the driver needs to encourage efficiency, blue or purple — it's time to entertain, green — you need calm. Optical effects are amplified music, which is stored in the computer's memory.

Furthermore, "emergency" through the cabin ventilation system receives a specially selected fragrances. Vanilla — soothes and citrus aroma — invigorates and refreshes. If the computer detects that the driver is starting to doze off, electric motors installed in the seat, it will wake up the vibration …

From a technical point of view, this car is also able to surprise anyone. In the new movement is using the 3.2-liter Porsche, which is not running on gasoline, and natural gas. The car can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in 5.9-seconds, and it does not pollute the environment.


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